Everyday well-being for Ukrainian students (EvWell)

The Helsinki-based EvWell-project (EU, 2023-26) belongs to the large European family of Academies4Ukraine partners, and aims at developing higher education and academic resilience of Ukrainian exchange students now studying at the University of Helsinki. The primal goal is to enhance Ukrainian student's academic resilience fostering their everyday well-being and sense of belonging amidst wartime challenges. Vital assistance for the everyday well-being of Ukrainian students is also offered by a Ukrainian psychologist whom students may see in times of need. Everyday well-being and academic resilience are supported via activities strengthening student's  sense of belonging to the student group, to the Finnish higher education system and to Ukraine that holds an important place in student's heart even when physically abroad.
The Academies4Ukraine project, funded by the European Union Programme Erasmus+ in 2023, aims to strengthen the resilience of the Ukrainian and European Higher Education System, and includes partners from Italy, Finland, Latvia and Ukraine.