About the EvWell project

Academies4Ukraine - Supporting the everyday well-being and sense of belonging of Ukrainian students during wartime

The war in Ukraine has challenged many universities to reorganize their academic activities, shifting most of them online and placing students in the same difficulties experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic: unequal access to lessons, isolation, psychological distress, and lowered quality of educational outcomes. Moreover, Russia’s brutal attack to Ukraine has affected the mental well-being of Ukrainian university students causing higher rates of depression, loneliness, nervousness, and anger.  

University of Helsinki has welcomed in all over 30 Ukrainian sociology students via Erasmus+ exchange program and stands as a crucial partner in a large European "Academies4Ukraine" - consortium dedicated to supporting academic resilience of Ukrainian Higher Education system.  

EvWell - project team includes the project leader, sociology lecturer Kaisa Kuurne and two part-time project planners Vilma Nihti and Mariia Fursina.  

Drawing from the University of Helsinki's expertise, the EvWell - project aims to disseminate best practices in psychological support tailored to situations of war, conflict, and other  crisis. The intention is to inspire similar efforts within European  academic systems, promoting a culture of solidarity,empathy and support. This commitment includes sharing valuable insights and knowledge through the creation of a digital handbook, ensuring that these resources are widely accessible and beneficial beyond the project's scope. 


While studying in Finland, I became a member of Academies4Ukraine. Being involved in the project gave me a taste of life as it was before the war. The activities it offers distract from negative news and unpleasant memories.