Institute of Seismology is a unit in the Department of Geosciences and Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki, and the only seismological research institute in Finland.

In addition to research, Institute of Seismology has authorized duties based on contracts and regulations. The tasks of the institute are:

  • to carry out and develop scientific research and observatory work in seismology and to follow development in the area
  • to maintain the necessary permanent station network and field measurement equipment, and seismological registrations produced by them
  • to create proper prerequisites for seismological teaching, practical training and further education
  • to provide expert and research consultancy and announcements in questions related to the branch
  • to carry out other duties in monitoring seismology as mandated by authorities
  • to take care of national and international seismological cooperation and to carry out observation and research work based on contracts
History of the Institute

Seismic monitoring began in Finland in 1924, when the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters donated two horizontally registering Mainka seismographs to Department of Physics, University of Helsinki. Two years later, the department also received a vertical Mainka seismograph. The seismograph station was located in the basement of the department at Siltavuorenpenger in downtown Helsinki.

Institute’s management board and director

The highest decision-making body of the Institute of Seismology is the management board, the task of which is to decide on financial and operational matters relevant to the institute's operations and on the employment of permanent staff. The director of the institute handles and resolves matters of the institute that have not been assigned to the management board.