LUOVA Natural Disaster Warning System

LUOVA system is a service intended for authorities. It warns about natural disasters that take place in Finland and abroad. The particular aim for the development of the system was to improve and clarify communication related to natural disasters.

LUOVA system gathers forecasts, reviews and warnings from different sources, and communicates different phenomena in a uniform way. The communication is based on the situation view maintained by the LUOVA centre. The LUOVA centre is located at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in association with the on-duty weather service.

Information providers of LUOVA are Finnish Meteorological Institute, Institute of Seismology, and Finnish Environment Institute. Phenomena informed in the system include weather hazards, floods, and earthquakes in Finland and abroad.

Institute of Seismology provides earthquake warnings to LUOVA system. The focus is on hazardously strong foreign earthquakes, but authorities are also informed about notable Finnish earthquakes. In addition, the expertise of the on-duty seismologist can be used by authorities 24/7.