Global Scholarship Fund for International Master’s Students

To solve the world’s biggest challenges, we need to bring the best international minds together. Our Global Scholarship Fund provides full tuition fee scholarships and study grants for the brightest international students from outside of the EU to study one of our 36 International Master’s Programmes.
Help provide a life-changing opportunity

For many, studying at a Top 1% global university is a lifelong ambition and a chance to change their life for the better. However, for many talented international students, this ambition is effectively financially impossible. 

Our Global Scholarship Fund provides life-changing opportunities for the brightest international students to study at the university and helps them to thrive during their time in Finland. 

Since 2017, thanks to the generosity of our donors and the University of Helsinki's Funds, we have been able to award full tuition fee scholarships and study grants to international students, who have had a significant impact on our university community. However as scholarships are limited, every year we lose many talented international students who applied to study with us, but we were unable to offer support to. 

Your donation to the Global Scholarship Fund can help turn an international student’s dream to study at the university into a reality and change their life forever. 

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There are so many students like me, who have the academic ability to study at the university, but just can’t afford to financially.

When I received the scholarship, I finally knew what it feels like when your dreams come true. My whole life has changed and I just want to say thank you!
Give the gift of education

By donating to the Global Scholarship Fund, you will help us to attract and support some of the world's sharpest thinkers and give the gift of a world-class education. 

With your support, today’s brightest international students will help create a fairer, more prosperous tomorrow – in Finland, in their home countries, and across the world.

Donations of any size will have a direct impact on our students and help them to achieve their goals during their time at university. 

Below you can see some examples of how your donation can be used to support our international students. 



Hear from our international students

Receiving a scholarship and study grant from the Global Scholarship Fund can unlock a world of opportunities for our international students. 

Below you can hear from our students, as they explain the impact receiving a scholarship and study grant had on them. 

Alex's Story

" To put it simply, receiving a scholarship and study grant allowed me to focus on my studies, without having to worry about how am I going to afford dinner this week. 

I’m now undertaking a PhD at the university with the same research group I completed my Master’s Thesis with, which is really exciting. 

So without the opportunity receiving a scholarship and study grant provided, I could have had a very different story. "

Alex, Australia, Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences 

Polina’s Story

" When I read that I had been offered a scholarship and study grant I felt tears in my eyes and for the first few days I couldn’t believe that I had been chosen.

Without the scholarship and study grant I wouldn’t have had the possibility to study at the university. 

I feel like my knowledge has developed a lot on the programme and I now want to continue my research by undertaking a PhD. "

Polina, Russia, Atmospheric Sciences

Saltanat’s Story

" It was my life goal to study at a university in Europe, but I knew it wouldn’t be possible without a scholarship. 

Studying at the University of Helsinki taught me how to critically engage with the law and assess information from different perspectives. I’ve loved my studies here and I’ve been really inspired by the passion of my fellow students and researchers.

With the scholarship and study grant, I didn’t have to worry about money and had all the time I needed to focus on my studies and further my passion. It has been a wonderful opportunity and I’m really grateful. "

Saltanat, Kazakhstan, International Business Law

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If you would like to learn more about the Global Scholarship Fund or how to support international students, our International Community Relations team is here to help.

Contact us and share your ideas with us. Together we’ll find the best way to move them forward.

If you are a prospective international student who has questions about scholarships at the university or you have questions about applying to study at the University of Helsinki, please contact our Admissions Services