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We organise innovation and entrepreneurship events in all campuses regularly. We are also often present at conferences and summits hosted by others. Come and meet us!
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Frequently organised events

All upcoming events are listed on the event feed above. Below, we have added short descriptions of our more frequently hosted events.

Cheese 'n' Wine - innovation talks and networking

Cheese 'n' Wine is an open rotating event organised on different campuses about once a month, with brief presentations by innovative researchers, students, businesses and potential innovation funders. There is plenty of time for networking and refreshments after the presentations.

Viikki campus hosted CnW events on 1 June 2022 (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), on 29 September 2022 (Health and Pharmacy), 8 December 2022 (Sustainability) and 23 March 2023 (Challenges in Innovations and Entrepreneurship). Next Viikki CnW will be organised on 28 September 2023. Program and registration can be found on Innovation activity at the campus website.

Meilahti campus hosted CnW events on 16 February 2023 (Health and Pharma) and 25 May 2023 (Neuroscience). The next event is planned for 29 November 2023, along with Y Science - SLUSH official side event. 

Events are open for researchers, students, staff, companies, investors, ecosystem developers and third sector actors - basically anyone interested in science-based innovations.

Previous CnW meetings

  • 25.5.2023 Innovation in Neuroscience. Location: Meilahti. Presentations: Oona Rechardt (Helsinki Brain & Mind​), Mari Björkman (HIS, Living Human Brain​), Marko Havu (MEG-MRI​), Veera Virintie (Silta Education​), Elina Holkko (Lifeline Ventures​).
  • 23.3.2023 Challenges in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Location: Viikki. Presentations: Pandemic that is too big to be noticed (Kari Sinivuori, Uute Scientific Oy), What does it take? (Petri Parvinen, University of Helsinki), The challenges of research cooperation between academia and industry (Petro Poutanen, Vaikuttavuussäätiö), Lawyers' perspective: Challenges and UH’s support (Perttu Pohjola and Minna Kontro, University of Helsinki), Investor’s perspective (Ilkka Kivimäki/Petra Koivuvaara, Maki VC).
  • 16.2.2023 Health and Pharma Innovation. Location: Meilahti. Presentations: Ville Paavilainen (Integrated Secretion Solutions​), Jukka Planman (hentoTouch), Milla Koistinaho (Innovestor Life Science Fund​) and Päivi Saavalainen (SCellex​).
  • 8.12.2022 Sustainability. Location: Viikki. Presentations: How students ended-up to establish a company (Camila Gallo Araya and Gaëlle Thomas, Binkiapp Oy), From idea to sustainable business (Joona Kontinen and Kati Meriläinen, Sulapac Oy), R2B projects and commercialization (Kirsi Mikkonen, University of Helsinki), Board professionals for teams and companies (Sirpa Manner and Minna Lenander, Hallituspartnerit),Butterfly’s take on sustainbility, a fund manager’s point of view (Juha Risku, Butterfly Ventures).
  • 29.9.2022 Pharmacy. Location. Viikki. Presentations: Bayer innovation collaboration and partnerships (Arto Pakkalin, Bayer Nordic), R2B projects and commercialization (Vinzenco Cerullo, University of Helsinki), PharmaHub ecosystem (Otto Kari, University of Helsinki), Finland is back in health-focused investments! (Pekka Simula, Innovestor Life Science), Science based innovations and investments (Kalle Öhman, Voima Ventures & Pääomasijoittajat (FVCA)).
  • 1.6.2022 Innovations and Entrepreneurship. Location: Viikki. Presentations: Finnish pharmaceutical technology company significantly improving global health (Edward Häggström, CEO at Nanoform Finland Oyj & Professor at University of Helsinki), Experiences on entrepreneurship (Hannes Lohi, Professor at University of Helsinki), Nature-based high-diversity microbiome as a tool to enhance immune modulation indoors (Aki Sinkkonen, Senior Scientist at Luke), Entrepreneurship (William von der Pahlen, Entrepreneur & Founder),Innovations will transform the food system, but not before we change the innovation system (Laura Forsman, Leader of Viikki Food Design Factory), Inspiring Private Investments, Finnish Business Angels Network (Annukka Mickelsson, Chair of Board at FIBAN).
Health Talks

Health Talks are events focusing on health, life sciences and entrepreneurship. They cover a variety of contemporary as well as future topics relevant to innovative health and life science entrepreneurship. 

Health Talks are co-organized by University of HelsinkiAalto UniversityHealth DesignHealth Hub TampereHealthTurkuHealthtech FinlandHiLIFEKuopio HealthOuluHealth and Terkko Health Hub.

All events are live-streamed but some can also be attended in-person at the event square of Terkko Health Hub.

Y Science, an official side event of SLUSH

Y Science is an official side event of Slush organized by the Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE). In 2023, co-organisers of Y Science are Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd.Health Capital HelsinkiViikki Food Design FactoryFinnish Forest Industries and Aalto University

Y Science brings together the curious scientific community and the business world to inspire concrete action and contribution to the society. With a program full of exciting talks, fireside chats and startup pitches, Y Science promotes the value of science-based business and encourages scientists to embrace a different way of thinking about impact.

Come and meet us
NORDEEP - Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit, October 11-12, 2023

NORDEEP is the world’s leading deep tech business summit where business meets tech and science.

The University of Helsinki is partnering with NORDEEP in 2023 to showcase our top research teams and startups and connect with the ecosystem. With the goal of meeting and building relationships with investors, incubators, accelerators, corporates, and other universities and research institutions across the Nordics, we will expose our researchers to innovation and promote the university’s innovation ecosystem.