FIMM Metabolomics/Lipidomics/Fluxomics Unit (FIMM Meta)

FIMM Meta is a functional and precision metabolomics focused core service facility, it is a member of the Biocenter Finland and HiLIFE national infrastructure networks.

FIMM Meta offers services nationally and internationally to academic and non-academic customers in many diverse scientific fields, especially translational research. FIMM Meta provides high-throughput mass spectrometry based targeted quantitative and global metabolomics/lipidomics and fluxomics services to basic, biomedical, preclinical and clinical research. We provide rapid analysis services for metabolites and lipids from different biological classes and various types of samples (biofluids, dried blood spots, cells, extracellular vesicles, cell organelle isolates, tissues, stool, biofilm, dental carries etc.) from humans, animal models (mouse, rat, dog etc.), C.elegans, drosophila, bacteria and yeast etc.