Reservations for the light microscopy unit equipment is done through a web based program. You can look reservations without login as long as you are connected to University of Helsinki network.

The Reservation system can be accessed from outside of the University of Helsinki by using VPN connection. Helpdesk info about remote connections. You can use VPN portal as a proxy server by typing the address of the reservation system to the address field and press 'Browse'.

To make reservations you need an account at University of Helsinki, you have to have a valid LMU user access form and you have to have a training for most of the equipment. If you don't have an account at University of Helsinki, you have to ask LMU staff to make reservations for you. We arrange trainings after we have accepted your user form.

For new users we require an appointment before we accept the form. Contact LMU to make an appointment. The access to LMU facilities can be added to your electronic key after your form is accepted.


Important to know:

  • Booking of the equipment before use is compulsory.
  • Look our policy about reservations.
  • Choose the temperature option for your reservation. Notice that it takes time to cool down or warm up the microscope. You are not allowed to make reservations during warming or cooling time. If you have a good reason you can ask us to make a reservation for you.
  • Choose lasers you will be using. This is important information in order to let the previous user know which lasers can be shut down to extend their life time. For some equipment it is possible to make reservations with 'no laser' -option.
  • Remember to check out our usage fees.
  • Some instructions for the Booked reservation system.