Instructions for ordering.

To order our products or services please fill our order form. Please specify if you're doing an order or requesting a quote.

Provide the following information

  • Your name and research group/company
  • Complete billing details
  • Shipping details (if you’re ordering virus products and not based in Meilahti campus)
  • Specify the product or service you’re interested in. Please check our services for more details.
  • Fill in the product or service details.
  • Read and approve the terms of order.
  • Write additional notes if needed.
  • Additional information needed for virus orders
    • Lentivirus size (MINI, MIDI, concentrated)
    • Are you ordering lentivirus product from the GBU libraries or with your own plasmid.
    • Gene/product ID or name
    • If you’re delivering your own plasmid, please provide the plasmid concentration as well.

Please note that the Genome Biology Unit (GBU) oversees the libraries. To get more information about the libraries please contact GBU web page or visit their web page.

Important information

Terms of or­der

  • Original sample material statement: The original sample material provided to HelVi-BVC needs to be reclaimed within four weeks following the completion of the project or it will be discarded. HelVi-BVC is not responsible for the storage of the original sample material or other material generated during the process.
  • Publication statement: Customer agrees to acknowledge Biomedicum Virus Core, University of Helsinki in all publications that contain data produced in BVC facility or with BVC products. In addition, when using the TRC or CRISPR library products, the customer also needs to acknowledge Genome Biology Unit.
  • CRISPR gRNA Library Statement: Customer agrees not to distribute the CRISPR gRNA constructs acquired from BVC and GBU to any third parties outside Biocenter Finland host universities. BVC and GBU can't be hold responsible for lack of specificity or efficacy of the gRNA constructs in genome editing events.
  • GMO notification: Customer has notified the Board for Gene technology of their use of GM-organisms. Filling GMO-forms and obtaining approval is the responsibility of principal investigator.                                           

Con­struct in­for­ma­tion (cus­tomer provided only)

  • Vector backbone (e.g. pKLV-flipedU6gRNA_PB_BbsI_PGKpuro2ABFP)
  • Insert/gene (e.g. 20 ntd shRNA to silence ProteinA; ProteinB overexpression construct)
  • Known/predicted function (e.g. oncogene/tumour suppressor; e.g. The function of this gene is not known but it is predicted that it has a role as a regulator of the cell cycle; e.g. silencing of the gene of interest might have an effect on cell growth)
  • Construct DNA concentration (µg/µl)
  • Construct size (bp)
  • Please note: HelVi-BVC does not produce harmful or carcinogenic constructs due to safety reasons.

GMO per­mis­sion

All Biological Agents and Genetic Modification experiments must be filed and sanctioned by Board of Gene Technology/Geenitekniikan lautakunta. Filling GMO forms and obtaining the approval is the responsibility of the principal investigator. 

According to the requirements of the Board for Gene Technology, customers must provide full information of the plasmids that are used to produce lentiviral particles. Note, that due to a serious health risk, following constructs need a special permission from BVC management:

  • A construct including both Cas9 gene and gRNA for tumour suppressors.
  • A construct that causes overexpression of dominant mutant oncogenes.

Billing de­tails

The customer is responsible for giving detailed billing information when making an order, which includes

  • Detailed billing address
    • Institution / company, research group / department
    • Street address
    • Contact information
  • Alternatively, an electric invoicing address
  • Billing reference
  • Business ID code (Y-tunnus) if you’re not part of University of Helsinki

Ship­ping ad­dress

If you’re ordering virus products that need to be shipped outside the University of Helsinki Meilahti campus you need to provide the detailed shipping address:

  • Your or receiving person’s name
  • Institution / company, research group / department 
  • Street address. Building and room number if needed
  • Contact person’s phone number and email address 

If you have a courier account you wish to use for the shipping, please provide this information as well. Alternatively, we will use our HelVi-BVC’s own UPS account and add the shipping costs to the final invoice.

Meilahti campus customers can pick up their orders from HelVi-BVC office (B508b, Klefström lab) after the customer support notifies them.

Len­tivirus pro­duc­tion sched­ule

We produce lentivirus every two weeks: the production cycle is initiated on every second Friday (on an even numbered week). P24 titer test and product delivery are on odd numbered weeks.

Delivery of the lentivirus products is usually 3-5 weeks depending on the date the order was sent and accepted. In addition, the delivery time includes some buffer time for possible repetition of the lentivirus production.

Lentivirus ordering principles

  • Library-related orders need to be accepted latest on Thursday (even weeks).
  • If you’re ordering library products (plasmids) from GBU the orders need to be accepted before Friday noon (odd weeks).
  • Customer DNA orders need to be accepted and plasmids delivered to HelVi-BVC latest on Thursday (even weeks)
1st week (even weeks in 2024)       Delivery of the plasmids to HelVi-BVC Lentivirus production cycle starts
2nd week (odd weeks in 2024)   Delivery of RCV and p24 samples to HelVi-BVC RCV and p24 tests Lentivirus delivery date   

Ret­ro­virus pro­duc­tion sched­ule

Because of the lower demand of retroviral particles, we produce retroviral particles upon request without a set schedule.

How to cite us?

If you have used our services or products in your research, please indicate HelVi-BVC contribution in your publications (materials and methods section or acknowledgements), for example in the following way:

  • Lentivirus generated from customer DNA: Lentivirus particles were generated by Biomedicum Virus Core facility which is supported by HiLIFE and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, and Biocenter Finland.
  • Lentivirus generated from library constructs: Lentivirus particles were prepared and distributed by Biomedicum Virus Core facility supported by HiLIFE and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, and Biocenter Finland. The clones XX/YY were from Sigma Aldrich MISSION shRNA library/Sanger gRNA library, distributed by Genome Biology Unit core facility supported by HiLIFE and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, and Biocenter Finland.
  • Using the HelVi-BVC facility: BSL-2 facility for virus work was provided by Biomedicum Virus Core facility supported by HiLIFE and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, and Biocenter Finland.