Biomedicum Stem Cell Center

The Biomedicum Stem Cell Center (BSCC) core facility is a comprehensive provider of human pluripotent stem cell services at the Meilahti campus of the University of Helsinki.

iPSC-derived, disease-specific cell models serve as an opportunity to study pathophysiological mechanisms and can lead to the development of new treatments. We provide locally derived human pluripotent stem cell lines and generate induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines from somatic cells provided by the client. BSCC operates on a fee-for-service basis in providing custom iPSC derivation using the latest technologies. BSCC is a part of the life science infrastructure of HiLife GoEditStem platform and the Stem Cells and Biomaterials consortium, national Biocenter Finland technology platform.

BSCC is equipped with basic cell culture equipment such as laminars, incubators, centrifuges and microscopes. Further information.

Contact person

BSCC Director Timo Otonkoski, or BSCC Coordinator Ras Trokovic,


Biomedicum Helsinki, Biomedicum Stem Cell Center, 5th floor, Haartmaninkatu 8, Meilahti Campus


  • Cell distribution
  • Derivation and characterization of iPSC lines
  • User training and education
  • Miscellaneous stem cell research services
  • Genome editing, on-demand
  • Differentiation into endodermal lineages, on-demand


  • Thermo Forma Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator (2 x)
  • Heraeus Multifuge 3S-R (w/ tube and plate rotor)
  • Grant water bath
  • Sartorius Biohit MidiPlus pipettors
  • Stuart vortex
  • Kojair Biowizard Biosafety cabinet
  • 4D-Nucleofector™
  • Eppendorf Centrifuge 5702


  • Distribution of locally derived human pluripotent stem cell lines
  • Non-integrative technologies for reprogramming of client provided somatic cells
  • Customized training and education

User fees

The research infrastructure is supported by the University of Helsinki (HiLIFE) and Biocenter Finland. The prices are listed below.

Product Volume University of Helsinki price BF network price Comercial price
Use of IncuCyte 1 plate/h 2 € 3 € 4 €
hPSC distribution 1 ampoule 150 € 203 € 485 €
hiPSC generation* from fibroblast/blood 2 characterized clones, frozen at passage ten and 2-4
uncharacterized clones frozen at passage 3
2200 € 3113 € 6213 €
Early hiPSC generation** from fibroblast/blood 4-6 uncharacterized clones frozen at passage 3 1000 € 1436 € 2678 €
Miscellaneous 1 h 25 € 33 € 86 €
Genome editing On-demand   - -
Endoderm lineage diff. On-demand   - -

* and ** We guarantee the derivation of two hiPSC lines from the cells provided by the client. In the case reprogramming is not successful, there will be no charge for this attempt.