Specimen preparation for SEM

Specimen preparation for SEM.
Critical point drying

Automated Critical Point Dryer Leica EM CPD300 

(Leica Mikrosysteme GmbH, Austria) 

Location: Room 1406.1 

The fully automatic drying of biological specimens such as pollen, tissue, plants, insects for SEM analysis using the Leica EM CPD300 Critical Point Dryer. 

Various protocols and recepies are available from Leica.

Platinum coating

Quorum Q150TS, turbomolecular-pumped high resolution coater

(Quorum Technologies, UK)

Location: Room 1407

Key features:

  • Fine grain sputtering for advanced high resolution FE-SEM applications
  • High vacuum turbo pumping
  • Precise thickness control using the film thickness monitor
  • Fully automatic touch screen control
Carbon coating

Bal-Tec CED030 carbon thread evaporator

(Bal-Tec Union Ltd., Liechtenstein) 

Location: Room 1407 

Agar sputter device

Agar SEM carbon coater

(Agar Scientific, Stansted, UK) 

Location: Room 1407 

Glow discharge

Emitech K100X Glow discharge unit

(Emitech Ltd., UK) 

Location: Room 1411.2