Mitochondrial biology

Brendan Battersby research group

A defining feature of the eukaryotic cell is compartmentalised genomes with distinct modes of expression, transmission, and evolution. Mitochondria possess two dynamic membranes that envelop a multi-copy genome essential for aerobic energy metabolism. Metazoan mitochondrial DNA is one of the most constrained and simplified genomes found in cellular life and is completely dependent upon factors encoded within the nucleus for its maintenance and expression.

How is mitochondrial gene expression monitored and regulated within the cell? Surprisingly, this very simple and basic question is very poorly understood in general let alone how it occurs under different cellular contexts such as mitosis, alterations to cell size or terminal differentiation to a post-mitotic state.

Our scientific goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning biological circuits needed for mitochondrial gene expression in human health and disease by identifying regulatory nodes that respond to disruptions that may vary temporally, spatially, and in magnitude.


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Brendan is a Principal Investigator/Research Director at BI.