Integrative evolutionary biology

Claudius Kratochwil research group

The diversity of form and function that we can observe on all levels of biological complexity is one of the most fascinating phenomena of the living world. We use coloration and pigmentation patterns of tropical fish species (mostly cichlid fishes) as a model to understand the genomic, developmental, and cellular mechanisms that underlie the diversity we see in nature.


Claudius Kratochwil
University Researcher
Institute of Biotechnology, HiLIFE

Biocenter 2, Room 6028b
P.O. Box 56 (street address: Viikinkaari 5)
00014 University of Helsinki

Phone: +358 50 341 2430
Twitter: @C_Kratochwil

Claudius is an Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology at HiLIFE and Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences He is affiliated also with BI where his laboratory is located. He is affiliated to Genomics and Evolutionary Biology  & Cell and Tissue Dynamics Research Programmes.