Structural biology of protein complexes and membrane proteins

Tommi Kajander research group

Our research focus is currently on ER receptor complexes and adhesion protein interactions, and broadly on the structural biology of proteins, with a variety of biophysical, biochemical, and cell biological methods. 

We also run the crystallography core facility as part of the INSTRUCT-HiLIFE structural biology services, and are open to collaboration on various structural biology projects.


Tommi Kajander, PhD, Ajd. Prof. 

Institute of Biotechnology, HiLIFE 

Biocenter 3 (2nd floor)

P.O.Box 65 (Viikinkaari 1) 

00014 University of Helsinki 


Phone: +358 2 941 59752 


Tommi is a Principal Investigator/Associate Group Leader at the Institute of Biotechnology and the Director of INSTRUCT-HilLIFE Protein Crystallization Core Facility.