Research at FIMM

As a translational institute, FIMM drives human-based research that has a profile of excellence at the highest level globally in terms of traditional metrics of publication, as well as leadership of international research efforts.

We aim for our research to deliver, in a local context, direct health impact by bringing the results of research efforts to the Finnish population. Within the field of molecular medicine, FIMM focuses on ‘Grand Challenges’ that pursue our overall mission. The FIMM Technology Centre and Biobanking Infrastructures are critical partners in all of these research efforts.

Grand challenge programmes

FIMM research is organised around four Grand Challenge programs, providing an opportunity to align our research on large and complex issues.

FIMM research activity
Research networks
EU research projects

FIMM researchers are involved in several EU H2020, FP7, IMI2 and ERA PerMed projects.