Intelligent therapies for cancer and uterine leiomyoma (IT-CAN)

Current ways to monitor tumor progression and predict drug efficacy are limited to reductionist cell culture and mouse tumor models that do not take into account the patient-to-patient variation of the disease.

The overreaching goal of this Grand Challenge is the discovery of next-generation precision medicines, using immune- and microenvironment-enriched cancer and stem cell-based organoid cultures from colon, lung, breast, pancreatic cancers as well as from uterine leiomyoma. The cancers targeted represent a major cause of cancer-related deaths, and leiomyomas are the leading cause for hysterectomy and pose a massive socio-economic burden. In this Grand Challenge, the unique expertise of the teams at the University and Helsinki University Hospital is utilized to generate new solutions for diagnostics and treatment.

Number of participating PI’s at start: 26
Partner organisations: Aalto University, Helsinki University Hospital