Genomics and digital diagnostics for precision medicine (GD-PMed)

Genomes and detailed recordings of the environment and life style provide a basis for improved disease prevention and treatment strategies. In addition, precision medicine requires accurate, effective and consistent diagnostics to support tailoring of treatment for the individual patient.

The Grand Challenge project aims to resolve

  1. the genomic grand challenges in diagnostics and prevention that most complex diseases have in common, and
  2. to advance digital health and medical artificial intelligence (AI) towards fully automated diagnosis of three major diseases breast cancer, prostate cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases using the unique assets in Finland.

Number of participating PI’s at start: 35

Partner organisations: Aalto University, Helsinki University Hospital, Tampere University of Technology, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Broad Institute of MIT, Harvard, Lund University, Folkhälsan, University of Stockholm, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research