The Universe and I

Dive into the world of astronomy and the history of the Observatory building! The permanent exhibition, excluding the towers and the planetarium, is located on the main floor. However, by booking a guide you can add to your visit the old astronomical observation towers and a planetarium show.

The shutters of the Meridian Hall opened for astronomical observation

The Meridian Hall recaptures the unique atmosphere of an old astronomical observation facility with its large observation equipment still in the original places.

A journey into space

The exhibition takes you on a journey into space to explore phenomena in our own solar system and reveal the life cycle of stars as well as the structure and scale of our universe and the different wavelengths of light. Have you ever wondered what you would look like on an infrared camera? You also get to peek into a cloud chamber and see traces of cosmic particles!

Children of stars

Did you know that you are "a child of the stars"? The chemical elements in the human body were also created through nuclear reactions within stars over the course of billions of years. In the exhibition you can also touch a real meteorite that was formed five billion years ago!

See the towers and the planetarium with a guide 

By booking a guide in advance for your visit, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the old observation towers and admire the star-lit Helsinki "sky" in the planetarium located in the vault.