Help, climate change!

A temporary mini-exhibition at the Observatory describes the changing climate of our planet.

The exhibition introduces the climate history of the planet we call home over millions of years, as well as the carbon cycle from the air to the oceans, the soil and all the way to us humans. You can try balancing carbon sinks and sources with a carbon scale.

The climate has been in a constant state of flux throughout the nearly five billion years our Earth has existed. Even though our planet has gone through periods with higher temperatures than those we see today, humans did not exist during the previous hot periods. This means that we are about to encounter something completely unfamiliar. The rapid speed of the change is a threat to ecosystems and societies as well as their capacity to adapt.

Climate change has already been slowed with international accords – but the efforts to save our planet continue. Everyone can make a difference through their consumption habits and by participating in joint decision-making. What is your utopia for a better tomorrow?

This exhibition was created in cooperation with the students in the course organised at the University of Helsinki in autumn 2021.

The exhibition is open during the opening hours of the Observatory’s permanent exhibition and is included in the normal ticket price. Admission is free with a Museum Card.