Guided tours

You can see more with the guide! Book your own guide for your group.
Guided tours at the Observatory

Book a guided tour and learn more about astronomy and the history of the Observatory building!

During the tour you get to peek into the world of astronomy and learn about the eventful history of the Observatory building. Moreover, with a guide you can climb to the old astronomical observation towers in the attic. And finally, you will also see a planetarium show! In the planetarium we will experience one fast-forwarded "night", learn to identify constellations and get to see how the night sky moves. The normal tour takes 1 hour. However, you can customize your tour by for example reserving more time for the temporary special exhibition or by leaving out some of the topics. 

Please note that the towers are not heated, and you can only reach the planetarium by going outside. There is an accessible entrance to the floor for exhibitions and booked venues (unfortunately not to the towers or the planetarium). Tours can be arranged in Finnish, Swedish or English. 

PLEASE NOTE! Helsinki Observatory does NOT arrange stargazing shows (observations through telescopes). For this activity, please contact Ursa Astronomical Association.


(including the permanent exhibition on the main floor, the current special exhibition and the towers and the planetarium)

During the opening hours (Thu 12–20, Fri–Sat 12–16): EUR 70/hour/guide + admission charges (max. 20 persons/guide).

Extra fee EUR 80 for opening is added to the tours outside of the opening hours.

Bookings for guided tours:

02941 242 44 or 

Please book no later than a week before your tour. 

Please be in time for the tour!

Guided tours at the exhibition centre of Helsinki University Museum Flame

Experience our new core exhibition!


During the opening hours (Tue–Wed 12–16, Thu 12–20, Fri–Sat 12–16): EUR 70/guide + admission charges (max. 15 persons/guide).

Enquiries and booking:

Please book no later than a week before your tour. 

Please be in time for the tour!