Passion for knowledge

"No single discipline or field can explain everything, but together and through joint efforts they can interpret and shape the world."

The new core exhibition of the Helsinki University Museum Flame tells about the people, disciplines and places where science is done at the University of Helsinki. The exhibition opens surprising perspectives on the shared story of the university and our country.

The history of the Finnish state, national self-understanding and the well-being of society are intertwined in many ways with the history of the University of Helsinki. For a long time, the university served only a small, most influential part of society. In the 20th century, it gradually became everyone's course of study, when studying became possible for others as well. The university has responded to society's changing needs and at the same time has been its mirror. There, information has been produced as a basis for solutions, assumptions and habits have been challenged, and one's own methods and results have been re-evaluated.

How and why has the University of Helsinki influenced the development of Finland and how has the change in society been reflected in the university's history?

Welcome to the Helsinki University Museum Flame’s new exhibition centre in the main building of the University of Helsinki!

Street address: Fabianinkatu 33, Helsinki (on Saturdays access from Yliopistonkatu 2).