Alternative Access

This page provides tips for researchers, teachers and students for accessing articles that cannot be found among the materials acquired by the Library.

Access to electronic journals and databases is primarily based on negotiated fixed-term licence agreements. This means that access to subscribed material may be cut off if an agreement for a new licence period cannot be reached with the publisher, for example, due to too high a price or other uacceptable agreement terms.

Access to electronic journals by Taylor & Francis and Wiley was previously based on the FinELib consortium agreement which expired at the end of 2018. Negotiations between the FinELib consortium and Taylor & Francis ended without a new agreement being reached. The end of the negotiations means that access to electronic Taylor & Francis journals was terminated on 1 February 2019.

Although access to the majority of new issues by this publisher ceased at the end of the negotiations, Helsinki University Library still retains agreements to guarantee access to volumes published before 2019. Access to the back catalogue of these journals varies by journal and organisation.

The 2018 agreement between FinELib and Wiley will be extended until the end of 2019 with the current terms and journal contents.

For more information on the FinELib negotiations and consortium agreements, see the FinELib Negotiations website. FinELib has also published a list of frequently asked questions on the negotiations.

You can search for an article in the following open access services:

Install a browser extension or a plug-in to facilitate finding articles which are open access.

Contact the Library service address at and we will look into ways of gaining access to the articles you need.

Ask directly from the author of the article. The author may be able to share their article with an individual colleague or student within the publisher’s licensing agreement.