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What are you looking for? You can use various search services to find printed and electronic resources acquired by Helsinki University Library.
Prin­ted and elec­tronic books

Searching the library collections in the Helka database, you can search for printed and electronic books acquired by the Helka libraries. You can also view the location and availability of the items in Helka.

Search collections in HELKA


Prin­ted or elec­tronic journ­als and data­bases

Searching the collections in the Helka database, you can search for printed and electronic journals and databases acquired by the Helka libraries. Use the BrowZine service to browse electronic journals.

Search collections in HELKA

BrowZine – e-journal browsing service


Elec­tronic books by topic

Use the BookNavigator service to browse electronic journals.



Elec­tronic journ­als by topic

The BrowZine service allows you to browse e-journals by topic and compile journals and articles important to you into a handy virtual bookshelf.

BrowZine – e-journal browsing service


Art­icles by topic or journal

The Helka article search allows you to find international articles. You can search for a specific article if you know its title and/or author, or know which search terms to use to look for articles on a specific topic.

HELKA article search


Sources of infor­mation for your dis­cip­line

You can find key sources of information in your field in the discipline-specific Research Guides.

Research Guides


The Helda digital repository of the University of Helsinki provides open access to University theses and dissertations, scientific articles, faculty learning materials as well as research materials and various publication series produced by the units and departments.


Open sources of infor­mation

In addition to books, journals and databases acquired by the library, you can access a wide variety of open online sources of information. You can find open publications, for example, using Google Scholar. The library guides, information retrieval courses and workshops also provide you with further details on open sources of information.

Open Access Resources

Digital re­sources

The Library has acquired extensive digital newspaper archive collections to support digital scholarship. Many of the collections also include other archive material, such as books, personal journals, photographs, maps and letters. 

Digital Resources Guide