How to use e-books and journals

The library has extensive electronic collections to support studies and research at the university. The university community has access to the collections regardless of time or location.
The library offers support in using the collections
Access electronic resources anytime

The university community has access to the library's electronic collections regardless or time or place. Remote access to e-resources requires a university user account, which you can use to log in to Helka database or to connect remotely to the university network.

Other patrons are welcome to use our e-resources on the library premises.

Find books through one search

You can use Helka to search all books in the librarys collections, and read most of them directly in your browser.

Some books need to be downloaded to your device for a specified loan period. To download a book you will need an ebook reader, like Adobe Digital Editions.

The library acquires resources from various publishers

The University of Helsinki Library acquires e-books from a variety of service providers and publishers. The Library acquires licences for e-books, and the terms of the licences are negotiated with each publisher. Because of this, features like interfaces, loan periods or the allowed amount of simultaneous users vary slightly depending on the provider and publisher of the e-book. 

The library will always try to acquire the best possible licence, for example without limiting the number of simultaneous users of the e-book.