Request material

If you need a book or an article not found at the University of Helsinki, you can ask Helsinki University Library to order it for you as an interlibrary loan. Alternatively, as a member of University of Helsinki community you can make an acquisition proposal for the library collections.

If you want material from Helsinki University Library as an interlibrary loan, contact your local library.
Bor­row from other lib­rar­ies

Through interlibrary loans, you can request material not available in Helsinki University Library as loans or as photocopies. Interlibrary loan services are subject to charges. To make an interlibrary loan request you need to have Helka library card and your customer information in the Helka database. Your requested material will be delivered to Helsinki University Library where you can pick it up. The fee for the interlibrary loan will be charged when you collect the book.

Ac­quis­i­tion pro­posal

If you cannot find the resources necessary for your research, teaching or studies in the Helsinki University Library collections, as a member of the University community you can submit an acquisition proposal in Helka library database. Acquisition proposals are considered in relation to the library's collection development policy and the available funds.

In­ter­lib­rary loan from Helsinki university library

Other libraries can request interlibrary loans from the Helsinki University Library collections to their customers.

For re­search­ers - Or­der­ing books and art­icles to your desk

The service is free of charge, enabling you to order books or article copies from all Helsinki University Library sites. The service is intended for the staff of the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki University Hospital.

In order to have a book in use, sign in to Helka ja make a reservation to the book. Select "work address" as a place to pick-up. Check also that you have up-to-date Helsinki university work address in your own account details in Helka. The book will be sent to your work office, so you don't have to pick-up the book from the campus library.

In order to have a article copy from library's collection, sign in to Helka and choose a Article copy link from the the reference information of requested article. Fill in the order form and you will receive the copy into you work e-mail address. 

There are max 10 article copy or books you are allowed to order in a month.