Open Access Resources

In addition to the resources acquired by the library, there is a lot of scientific online material available to everyone. The library has collect here tips how to locate and access open access resources.
Open ac­cess re­sources in Helka data­base

You can search open access resources in Helka database by choosing 'Open Access' under Availability.

Helda - University of Helsinki's digital repository

In Helda you can find theses, dissertations, research articles and institutional series, as well as teaching and research material produced by the departments and faculties of the University. 


The Helda Open Books collection contains open access books produced by researchers and teachers of the University of Helsinki. The collection can be found in Helda, the University of Helsinki digital repository.

DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books) is the most extensive critical directory of scientific Open Access books. For those interested in Open Access publishing, DOAB website contains a useful listing of subject areas including information about the publishers.

OAPEN-database contains freely available scientific monographs, mainly in the humanities and social sciences. Open Access eBooks on JSTOR contains openly available academic monographs, mainly in the field of humanities and social sciences.

  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) is the most comprehensive critically compiled list of scientific Open Access journals. You can browse the publications by fields of research. 
  • Open publications by Finnish scientific journals can be found at, a journal management and publishing service provided by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The site features 110 Finnish scholarly journals.
Search En­gines and Data­bases
  • Coreis a large UK-based database that harvests open repositories effectively from various sources. It is also a source for other services, for example for the Iris.AI platform. The Core database welcomes all open repositories and journals that are interested in joining. Helda, the Digital Repository of the University of Helsinki, is one of the repositories that has joined Core’s set of repositories. Compared to Google Scholar, Core’s harvesting technique is more systematic. All material in Core is openly available. It indexes currently more than 135 million documents. 
  • BASE is a German search engine that provides more than 150 million documents. About 60% of these documents are Open Access. BASE is a user-friendly way to search for free versions of research articles from different publishers. It also offers versatile search and sorting functions. 
  • Google Scholar a search engine designed especially for scholarly texts. It contains a lot of openly available material. The service indexes materials in several languages, including in Finnish.  
  • OpenAIRE- funded by the European Commission, harvests European and international repositories. It has an Open Access database of around 10 million publications or datasets. The basic search in OpenAIRE shows the level of the openness, discipline classification and type of the document (e.g. thesis or pre-print). 
Browser ex­ten­sions and plug-ins

You can install a browser extension or a plug-in to facilitate finding articles which are open access.