Brown Bag Seminar
Brown Bag Seminar meetings

The Methodological Unit organizes a weekly Brown Bag Seminar to highlight novel methodological approaches in humanities and social sciences. The idea of the meetings is to introduce methodological innovations and cutting-edge research in various disciplines in an easily accessible manner and have an interdisciplinary discussion in an easy-going atmosphere over lunch. Bring your own lunch, we bring fresh methodological topics!

Every Tuesday at 12.15.

Exceptions: The Brown Bag Seminar meetings are taking a summer break and will continue in September 2022.

The Idea

There will be a 20-minute introduction to the methodological theme, followed by an open discussion of 40 minutes. The seminars are open to everybody. We expect a multidisciplinary and methodologically curious audience from different faculties and units of the central campus. The language of the meetings can be Finnish or English.

The most important prerequisite for participation is not methodological expertise, but an open mind towards new methodological innovations and discussion across methodological and disciplinary boundaries.

Until otherwise informed the meetings will be online on Zoom.

26.4. Riitta Rainio - Acoustics of Sacred Sites

The Acoustics of Sacred Sites project explores the acoustic properties of prehistoric rock art sites in the Boreal forest zone, drawing conclusions about sound rituals associated with these sites. The approach is to conduct a series of acoustic measurements at select painted rocks in Finland, Russia and Canada, to process the material using spectrum analysis, auralization and digital VR reconstructions, and to interpret the results with ethnographic accounts of hunter-gatherer ritual practices. The work is carried out in collaboration with archaeologists, ethnomusicologists, cognitive scientists and artists.

Riitta Rainio is a musicologist specializing in archaeoacoustics and sound archaeology. She is currently working at the University of Helsinki as a principal investigator of the project “Acoustics and Auditory Culture at Hunter-Gatherer Rock Art Sites in Northern Europe, Siberia and North America” funded by the Academy of Finland (2018 - 2023).