Teemu Kemppainen

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Teemu Kemppainen (PHD) works as a Post Doc Fellow at the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies. He obtained his PHD in 2017 from the University of Helsinki. The thesis examined social order and subjective insecurity in a residential context, especially in the Finnish Post-WWII housing estates. His research interests include:


  • welfare and well-being as contextual phenomena
  • housing studies
  • neighbourhoods and housing estates
  • segregation, social mix and threshold theories
  • immigration as an urban studies and sociological topic
  • the welfare state and social policy
  • unemployment
  • power and values
  • transnational health service use and complementary therapies
  • sociological theory, especially Durkheim and Weber
  • survey methods
  • regression analysis; e.g. spatial models and multi-level analysis

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