Shut up and write

Shut up and write


Do you have a journal paper, conference abstract, grant application or essay that needs to be done? Are you struggling to find time and space to do it? Is email taking over your life? Do you just need to Shut Up and Write?

Shut Up & Write (SUAW),  a movement that started in San Francisco, is a way for writers to structure their time and connect with others. The formula is simple: meet in a convenient location, write in silence for an hour or two, and catch-up over coffee afterwards. It turns writing from a solitary, to a social experience.

For academic types, who have embraced the idea, it’s a great way to carve out dedicated writing time and make progress on thesis chapters, journal articles, and grant applications. While a couple of hours doesn’t sound like much, it’s amazing what you can get done if you really focus. The discipline and shared sense of purpose that comes from writing with others also keeps you accountable and reminds you that you aren’t alone.

Urbaria is hosting SUAW sessions every Tuesday afternoon starting from the beginning of February 2019. Everyone is welcome - students, early career academics, professional staff and professors from both Aalto and UHel. 

Where: Urbarium, Porthania,
When: Every Tuesday 14.00 – 16.00 until 4th June 2019.

Questions: please email Seona Candy at or Urbaria Coordinator Iiris Koivulehto at

Bring along your laptop, pen or paper. Turn off your email and put your phone on silent. Join us every Tuesday to Shut Up and Write.