Slush 2021
Science-based innovations have the proven potential to become hugely successful businesses that truly change the world – as well as the future of those who believed and invested in them early on.
Science makes business bloom

The University of Helsinki and Helsinki Innovation Services presented five science-based spinouts and 12 innovations at earlier stages of commercialisation in Slush 2021 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center on December 1st and 2nd. For innovations, Slush is an opportunity to find new partners, entrepreneurs and investors. Explore our innovations and discover the invisible value!

On the first evening of Slush, we also hosted a world-class side event, Unicorner. The keynote speech for Unicorner was given by Dr. Ling Ge, the Chief European Representative at Tencent.

Uute Scientific

Stimulating and boosting the immune system

Urbanization has caused people to spend less time in nature, inadvertently weaking our immune systems and leading to an increase in illnesses such as seasonal allergies, asthma, and type 1 diabetes.

Uute Scientific’s Reconnecting Nature® stimulates your immune system using nature’s own microbial diversity.


Rita Nordin
+358 50 307 2230


Helping Life Science and Healthcare organizations in transborder data collaborations

In healthcare, a patient’s health data is made secret to ensure privacy. Yet it still may need to be shared with relevant parties. How can we improve accessibility maintaining both quality and utility?

The VEIL.AI Anonymization Engine creates high-quality row level anonymized data for pharmaceutical companies, MedTech, and hospitals. It makes sensitive data safe to use for research, development, and innovation without compromising patient privacy. 


Tuomo Pentikäinen
+358 40 183 2881


Science-based solution for building winning teams

Poor teamwork is costly for businesses. It damages the employer brand and puts efficiency and quality of operations at risk. Currently there are no scalable team facilitation tools on the market.

TeamFluent is a research-based application for improving teamwork and driving team performance in the modern world of work.


Jukka Rautiainen
+358 40 570 4768


Automated carbon footprint calculator for organizations

There are only a handful of ways to accurately measure an organization’s carbon footprint. While sustainability and carbon neutrality are global trends, carbon neutral goals are difficult to achieve without shared tools.

CarbonLink automates the calculation process of companies' carbon footprint by utilizing existing financial management data.


Merli Juustila
+358 50 346 3139


Real-time air quality data everyday, everywhere

Accelerating global urbanization and the rise of megacities are causing 90% of the world’s population to breathe polluted air. 

MegaSense is a scalable, living, intelligent air pollution prediction and decision support system.


Oliver Waring
+44 797 071 5361


Monitoring metabolic health in the human body

The well-being of our bodies depends on the metabolic balance of NADs (vitamin B3 derivatives) and glutathiones. However, no accurate and simple test has been available to determine these from blood. 

NADMed promises to be the only accurate and cost-effective test of NADs and glutathiones in human biological samples, promising new inroads in treatment and drug development.


Anu Wartiovaara


New sources of environmentally friendly protein  

The growing population and the decline in agricultural productivity has created a growing need for new sources of protein that can be produced economically and in an environmentally friendly way.  

MyShroom examines new ways to utilize myselium as a protein source. Myselium is found in many different varieties of fungi and is easy and efficient to grow.


Kirsi Mikkonen
+358 50 318 5744


A painless way to administer injections

Nobody likes needles. Administering medications via intravenous injections to humans and animals can be difficult and stressful. Because of this, there is a strong need for a safer and easier ways to treat patients. 

Medixmicro has designed transdermal patches that are covered with tiny microneedles. These biodegradable patches offer a painless and easy way to carry out any necessary drug administration through absorbtion through microneedles.


Antti Rahikkala
+358 50 569 2461


Healthier fats for the food industry

People love to eat, but most of the food we really enjoy is not good for our health nor the planet. How do we enjoy a sustainable, healthy lifestyle while still eating the foods we love?

Oleoflow's technology makes it possible by replacing traditional fats with healthy and sustainable substitutes without changing the texture or taste of the products.


Anton Nolvi
+358 50 351 4665


Detector for nuclear safety

Nuclear technology has provided huge technological advancements but its byproduct, radiation, carries potential risks to our health and the environment. This creates a need for reliable and accurate radiation detectors. 

DeNuSa answers the need for flexible, light-weight, multipurpose detector systems to face the growing need for nuclear safety, providing real-time, clear measurement data of different kinds and types of radiation.


Panja-Riina Luukka


Packaging component for improving vegetable shelf life

Almost 20% of vegetable production is wasted by supermarkets and consumers annually in the EU and the USA, meaning €200 billion is quite literally thrown away.    

FreshTech helps reduce this waste, its costs, and the environmental impact.


Kirsi Mikkonen
+358 50 318 5744


Personalized strategies for cholesterol lowering therapy

High cholesterol is the most important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Currently, doctors take a trial-and-error approach in determining cholesterol-lowering therapy, leaving many patients at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Moncyte sheds light on why some people respond differently to cholesterol-lowering drugs, opening new avenues for personalized medicine.


Tamara Alagirova

Living Human Brain

Next generation human brain model

Over 90% of novel drugs developed for brain diseases fail. One of the main reasons is the lack of relevant preclinical human brain models. 

Living Human Brain provides fully human brain models for drug discovery and drug development before moving on to expensive clinical trials.


Elina Pörsti

Integrated Secretion Solutions

Boosting therapeutic protein production

Optimization of therapeutic protein expression can take months or even years. This creates huge challenge at companies R&D departments; narrowing down available resources and funds.

Integrated Secretion Solutions enables rapid optimization of therapeutic protein production for companies so that they can establish efficient production systems.


Ville Paavilainen


A Revolutionary remedy for dry eye disease

Dry eye disease is a significant public health concern affecting 300–500 million people globally. As a result, global dry eye medications are a multi-billion dollar.  

The RevEye project explores the link between tear film structure and function. These insights have helped RevEye develop a novel, superior, and cost effective approach for treating dry eye.


Filip Ekholm
+358 40 759 0853


An AI-driven language learning platform 

Revita's AI based system supports teachers and students in advanced language learning.

By creating exercises with any text the user chooses, Revita makes language learning easier and more democratic.


Silja Huttunen


A sustainable technology to store and ship vaccines without cold chain

A child dies every 20 seconds because of infectious diseases. This could be prevented if vaccines were able to be supplied to areas with harsh climate conditions.

Current vaccine technologies require cold chain logistics. GlobeVAC provides a solution to keep vaccines active with no need of the cold chain for weeks. Ultimately, this allows for a near-direct shipment from the manufacturer to the patient.


Manlio Fusciello
+358 46 934 5807