HiDATA event on 7 November 2019: Shaping the Digital Future - University and Companies Together

Welcome to HiDATA event on 7 November 2019: Shaping the Digital Future – University and Companies Together

Did you know that the University of Helsinki offers many free online courses in software engineering and ICT? They are being developed by university professors together with companies. Did you know that after completing a course module you are promised to get an interview with these companies?

We warmly welcome you to meet us on 7 November 2019 in Think Corner (Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki) at 13–15. You will learn more about the demand and offering in software and ICT skills in our expert keynotes and panel.

  • What skills do you need in software and ICT nowadays and why? How can you gain them?
  • What do companies need, how do they get more skilled workers?
  • What do companies gain in cooperation with University?
  • How can you get enrolled?

The event has passed but you may watch the video here or on Unitube. Click open the event materials under program accordingly.



12:30 - 13:00  Meet and Greet

Come and meet our professors and ask about open online courses in computer science and ICT

13:00 Opening Speech

Teemu Roos, Director, Education, Finnish Center For Artificial Intelligence FCAI, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki

13:10 Educational possibilities in the digital future

Susanna Niinistö-Sivuranta, Director of Development, University of Helsinki

13:40 Introducing the Panelists and Panel Discussion

Matti Räty, Director of Engineering, Unity Technologies

Hannu Kokko. Head of Operations, Elisa Professional Services

Pasi Honkanen, COO, Houston INC.

Timo Harjunen, Director, Digital Platform Development, Konecranes

Erkka Pyykönen, Software Engineer, Smartly

15:00 Program ends

Come and meet our panelists!

NOTE Our morning session (in Finnish) might also interest you: Tekoäly ja Digitaidot muuttuvassa työelämässä


Teemu Roos is the lead instructor of the Elements of AI online course which has a pivotal role in Finland's unique, inclusive AI strategy, with over 200 000 participants to date. Roos is Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. He is also the leader of the AI Education programme at the Finnish Center for AI. His research focuses on future applications of machine learning. Twitter: @teemu_roos

Dr Susanna Niinistö-Sivuranta has 20 years working experience in the field of Higher Education as a teacher, developer and leader. She has Ph.D. in education. Currently she is working as a Director of Development in the University of Helsinki and leading academic affairs and Open University. Susanna was a part of Laurea University of Applied Sciences team in 2009–2016 and was working as a Vice-Rector of Education in 2014–2016. Susanna thinks that as a leader it is important to support and inspire individual people as well as the teams to strive for challenging results. This is well supported by the field of expertise she is having in communication in creative learning environments and higher education. Susanna is an active member of global higher educational networks and works as a board member in several companies. She has also several publications from the field of Educational Development. She is passionate about learning, leading, interaction and a life itself: “Working in Higher Education is inspiring because we work every day for the better future.” Twitter: @NiinistoS

Matti Räty is Director of Engineering at Unity. He is leading Monetization Engineering teams who are building global high scale and machine learning optimized delivery systems for Unity Ads network. They are also providing services for game developers to build machine learning optimized game experiences for their players. Previously Matti has been co-founder in a consultant company and a co-founding CTO in a startup. Twitter: @matraty

Hannu Kokko is a seasoned software professional and has led global software development units for the last couple of decades. Agile has been his  tool of choice from the midst of 2000s. Recently his work has involved team analytics, self organizing network of teams and lean methods in Elisa IT Business Unit. Twitter: @hkokko

Pasi Honkanen is Chief Operating Officer of Houston Inc and a software craftsman from his heart: "Software has been in my life since fourth grade and has provided many joyful learning experiences with my family, friends and workmates. My passion is to help software and digital industry here to be the best in the world now and tomorrow. One of these enablers is the seamless path from schools to working life and learning opportunities during the whole career." Twitter: @PasiHonkanen

Timo Harjunen is a renowned expert on IoT, Industrial Internet and digital transformation. Timo is particularly interested in Industrial Internet business opportunities and machine to machine interaction in Industry 4.0 factory and production environments. Timo sees tremendous opportunity in transforming heavy machines into software-driven service platforms that produce customer value. Timo works as Leader for Konecranes' Industrial Internet initiative and he has a computer geek background but lately he has learnt to understand the business and even humans. Twitter: @HarjunenT

Erkka Pyykönen is a software engineer at Smartly.io, and a 3rd year computer science student at the University of Helsinki: "I had very little programming experience before starting my studies, but thanks to the excellent courses at our university I’m now doing programming as my job. I think the cooperation between companies and universities is essential, in order to make sure the skills and technologies that are being taught are still up to date and relevant."

Hannu Kokko, Susanna Niinistö-Sivuranta and Timo Harjunen

Teemu Roos and Matti Räty

Erkka Pyykönen and Pasi Honkanen