About HiDATA

Helsinki Centre for Data Science (HiDATA) is a world-class hub of Data Science in Helsinki.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field focusing on methodologies for extracting knowledge and insights from data thus contributing to different areas of science. The centre builds on the pioneering scientific results of the community and paves way for new breakthrough results across disciplines.

The overarching goal of HiDATA is to leverage the synergies of the network in solving significant societal and industrial challenges related to data analysis.

HiDATA is a joint hub of the two participating universities University of Helsinki and Aalto University.


  • Core methodology: Develop new data science methodology, algorithms and platform technology
  • Collaboration: Increase collaboration between data science, application disciplines and industry
  • Infrastructures: Ensure improved use and development of the computational infrastructures
  • Open science: Advance open science
  • Education: Collaborate in master and doctoral programmes