Poultry research

The chicken is the most abundant production animal in Finland. The consumption of poultry and eggs is increasing, which means they play a significant role in food production.

Our research on poultry is applied in nature and aimed at improving the welfare and health of poultry, as well as maintaining food safety from farm to fork. In addition to egg production and the production of poultry meat, poultry research encompasses poultry farming as a hobby. The avian species studied include the chicken (laying hens and broiler chicken), the turkey and the goose.

Research is conducted at the Department of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health, the Department of Production Animal Medicine and the Research Centre for Animal Welfare in collaboration with the poultry industry and producers.

At the Department of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health, poultry research focuses on the meat inspection of broiler chicken and turkeys as well as the control of meat safety in poultry slaughterhouses.