Assessment of teaching skills
The Teaching Skills Evaluation committee at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine assesses the applicant's teaching skills when necessary. It may be required by the Search Committee. Also all applicants for docentship are required that.

Evaluation is based on the evaluation matrix.

The overall grade of assessment is based on evaluation of the following:

1. Experience in teaching and evaluation as well as the development of one's own teaching
2. Pedagogical training and pedagogical thinking
3. The ability to use and produce learning material
4. Other teaching merits
5. Demonstration of teaching skills

Items 1- 4 are assessed based on the applicant's academic portfolio and its possible enclosures. This should be noted already at the time of applying and preparing the application documents.

For the demonstration of teaching skills (item 5), the applicant is usually given the topic by the Search Committee. An applicant for docentship can decide the topic, but it needs to be related to the field of research of the docentship applied for. The demonstration should not consist of only the applicant's own research.

Demonstration of teaching skills is public. However, applicants applying for the same position cannot attend to each other's demonstration. Demonstration of teaching skills is given just before the meeting of the Teaching Skills Evaluation committee. The committee meets about once a month except in July.

More information: Hr Specialist Heidi M. Kauppinen, heidi.m.kauppinen(at)