Student life

As a student of the Faculty of Science, you are part of a large community of scientific expertise. Congratulations on an excellent choice! The Instructions for Students website offers useful information and links that will help you get off to a smooth start with your studies.
Welcome, new students!

After you accept the study place granted to you, your studies will begin with an orientation period the last week of August. This period offers basic information about degree structures, the provision of student guidance and supervision, as well as the various opportunities for study. The detailed programme for the orientation period will be published on the Instructions for Students website.

New students will be divided into tutoring groups based on their degree programme. Peer tutors are your travel guides in the academic world, helping you get your studies off to a smooth start. Tutoring acquaints you with your fellow students and provides you with practical advice for commencing your studies.

Tutors will organise activities throughout the orientation period. We suggest you keep your calendar free so that you can attend the events organised for your group.

Students will be assigned to tutoring groups after the first event of the orientation week. If you are unable to attend the event, please contact the tutoring coordinator for your degree programme. You can find their contact information under the following link.

How to get to Kumpula

Kumpula Campus, dedicated to research and teaching in the exact natural sciences, is located on a green hill only four kilometres from the centre of Helsinki. The campus website offers handy information, including maps, travel instructions and services, in a single location.

Student benefits

In addition to courses and examinations, student life includes numerous activities and student benefits. Student nations and subject-specific student organisations are excellent places to meet other students. Students also have access to basic healthcare, student housing, sports services (UniSport) and inexpensive student-priced lunch. Other benefits include discounts on cultural events and public transport.

Student organisations

Student organisations provide opportunities for influencing things as well as for finding relaxation. Meet like-minded students and gain social capital for the future! Kumpula is home to more than 10 subject-specific student organisations. Whether you are an astronomer, geologist, Swedish-speaking physicist or something else, you are sure to find an organisation with students of different ages and a host of fun activities. The mailing lists of subject-specific student organisations can also help you get work offers during your studies.

Click the following links to learn more about the different organisations!

  • Kumpula Science International – International organization for staff and students at the Kumpula campus from University of Helsinki
  • Matlu ry – The Science Students' Association. Matlu consists of 10 member associations within the Faculties of Science and Biological and Enviromental Sciences. Being a member in any of the member associations you are allowed to participate in all the events and activities within Matlu.
  • Limes ry – A student organization for all the students of the Kumpula campus
  • HAO ry – Student association for subject teacher trainees in the University of Helsinki
  • Integralis ry – Student association for the students of the Bachelor's Programme in Science
  • HYK ry – Student association for the chemistry students
  • MaO ry – Student association for the geography students
  • Matrix ry – Student association for the mathematics students
  • Meridiaani ry – Student association for the astrophysics students
  • Mesta ry – Student association for the students of the Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning
  • Moodi ry – Student association for the statistics students
  • Resonanssi ry – Student association for the physics students
  • Spektrum rf – Student association for the swedish speaking students in the Kumpula campus
  • Synop ry – Student association for the meteorology students
  • TKO-äly ry – Student association for the computer science and data science students
  • Vasara ry – Student association for the geology students