Continuous learning and web-based studies

A wide range of studies included in the Faculty of Science’s degree programmes are also offered to non-degree students. You can complete such studies to upgrade your competence and improve your opportunities in the job market or as a path to later degree studies. This page provides information on the various options for continuous learning.

At Kumpula we believe in openness and equal access to research-based knowledge. That is why we also offer a wide range of studies in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics and statistics to non-degree students. For example, you can complete studies in our disciplines through the Open University or as MOOC courses open to all. Our researchers frequently speak at open Think Corner events and at Studia Generalia public lectures.

Open online courses form a considerable share of the Faculty’s continuous learning opportunities. Computer science, for one, offers over 30 courses that are open to all, and by completing the required set of courses, you can gain the right to pursue degree studies.