Degrees and courses

There is a great need for professionals in the natural sciences! Here students study close to top researchers and will obtain sound skills and knowledge for professional life. This page offers practical information about studies.

The Faculty of Science provides education leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. You can also become a teacher of the natural sciences in one of our seven Finnish-language bachelor’s programmes. In addition, the Faculty offers an English-language Bachelor’s Programme in Science. We have a total of 13 international master’s programmes, and you can also complete a master’s degree qualifying you as a teacher of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Doctoral studies are offered in seven different doctoral programmes at the Doctoral School in Natural Sciences.

Use the links below to navigate to the degree programmes related to the different areas. You can find all the Bachelor's and Master's programmes, doctoral programmes and open university courses offered by the University of Helsinki in the education search tool.

What are the studies like?

Kumpula is a community-spirited campus, where you don't have to be scared of the professors and where we support each other. According to the student feedback we have received, we are also a pluralistic community that appreciates diversity.

Read about what teaching and studying in Kumpula is like.

Career choices

The skills of our graduates are needed in both the public sector and the corporate world. Our graduates find employment in various professions, such as physicist, meteorologist, software architect, insurance mathematician, teacher, and researcher. Many also seek a career in academia.

According to our career follow-up, graduates from the Faculty of Science find employment very well. Five years after graduating, 94% of the graduates were employed. Their median pay was €3,900 per month. Around half of the graduates were employed by corporations. The nature of the work could best be described as administrative, development, and planning, as well as research posts.

We keep in contact with our graduates through our lively alumni activities!