Non-degree studies

The right to pursue non-degree studies may be granted to persons who are not entitled to complete a degree at the University of Helsinki. The right to pursue non-degree studies can be granted to those who wish to supplement their previous degree, include the studies in a degree pursued elsewhere or upgrade their professional qualifications.

Rights to complete non-degree studies are granted for individual courses based on teaching resources, as well as for study modules targeted at students of other degree programmes as determined in the curriculum based on the scope of earlier studies and their grading. The right can only be granted for teaching not available at the Open University (including basic studies). Please check the courses offered by the Open University before applying for a right to complete non-degree studies.

Search for courses from the courses page. Study modules offered by the Faculty of Science that are targeted at students of other degree programmes can be found from Instructions for Students.

NB! No rights to complete non-degree studies are granted for geography.

The application dates for non-degree studies at the Faculty of Science:

  • 1 - 14 April, 2024 by 15:00 (for teaching beginning in the autumn term)
  • 1 - 14 October, 2024 by 15:00 (for teaching beginning in the spring term)

Electronic form for non-degree studies is published on this page during the application periods.

>> Application for non-degree study right, April

The Dean of the Faculty grants the rights for non-degree studies.

The decisions are notified to applicants by e-mail in May-June (spring term) and in November (autumn term). The right to study of those accepted in the spring application process becomes valid on 1 August, and of those accepted in the autumn application process, on 1 January.

The duration of the right to complete non-degree studies is two academic years. If a student fails to complete the studies within the given time, but wishes to continue to study, he or she must apply again during the application period for the right to complete non-degree studies, and he or she will also be charged another fee for non-degree studies.

Non-degree studies are subject to a fee of €15 per credit. Applicant will receive payment intstruction after the decision about the study rights has been made.

Are you obtaining subject teacher qualifications in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Information Technology? First, look for more information from Instructions for Students.

Those pursuing subject teacher qualifications (applicants who have completed or are completing pedagogical studies for teachers and wish to attain qualifications also for their chosen teaching subject) must complete the basic studies module of the subject at the Open University. After completing the module, they can apply for a right to complete the intermediate studies module of the relevant subject as non-degree studies, free of charge for two teaching subjects. However, intermediate studies for a third teaching subject are subject to a fee. Find out which studies do you need to qualify as a subject teacher before applying right for non-degree studies.

The fee for a certificate of equivalence for teacher education is €126 (Ministry of Education Decree No 737/2007). Certificates of equivalence can be applied for by email from Kumpula Student Services after completing studies in the teaching subject. See the instructions for the application from Instructions for Students.

You can contact Kumpula Student Services.