Summer Internships 2019 of the Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers several salaried internships in multiple research areas for summer 2019. The application deadline for these positions is on Tuesday the 5th of February, 2019.

The Department of Computer Science offers several salaried internships in multiple research areas for summer 2019. The internships typically span three (3) months between May and September, with the exact start and end date depending on individual negotiations. 

The available positions are the following: 

  1. Machine learning methods for constructing phylogenetic trees: a survey and experimental analysis of the state-of-the-art approaches [A phylogenetic tree is a tree showing the evolutionary relationships among biological species]. Group: Data Science and Evolution. Supervisor: Indrė Žliobaitė. 
  2. Theory / Experimentation of Artificial Intelligent Algorithms. Group: Sums of Products. Supervisor: Mikko Koivisto. 
  3. Experiential feedback in HCI. Group: Glowacka. Supervisors: Dorota Glowacka and Alan Medlar. More information:
  4. LaTeX pre-processing pipeline for arXiv data. Group: Glowacka. Supervisors: Dorota Glowacka and Alan Medlar. More information:
  5. Machine learning DJ. Group: Glowacka. Supervisors: Dorota Glowacka and Alan Medlar. More information:
  6. Intelligent containers on edge platforms. Group: Collaborative Networking.  Supervisor: Jussi Kangasharju. 
  7. Distributed resource provisioning with blockchains. Group: Collaborative Networking.  Supervisor: Jussi Kangasharju. 
  8. Differentially private machine learning. Group: Probabilistic Inference and Computational Biology (PROBIC). Supervisor: Antti Honkela. More information:
  9. Federated and differentially private deep learning. Group: Probabilistic Inference and Computational Biology (PROBIC). Supervisors: Antti Koskela and Antti Honkela. More information:
  10. Query Optimization and Transaction Management on Multi-model databases (several positions). Group: UDBMS. Supervisor:  Jiaheng Lu. More information:
  11. MegaSense: real-time air pollution sensing (several positions in both AI research and software development - large scale sensor data processing system and sensor development, machine learning methods for sensor calibration, data analytics etc.). Group: MegaSense. Supervisors: Sasu Tarkoma and Kai Puolamäki. More information:  
  12. Human-in-the-loop interpretable AI methods (several positions). Group: Exploratory Data Analysis Group. Supervisor(s): Kai Puolamäki (and postdocs in the group). More information:  
  13. Developing data mining and AI algorithms for climate research: quantification of biosphere-aerosol-cloud interactions and feedbacks. Group: Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR). Supervisors: Tuomo Nieminen and Kai Puolamäki. More information:  
  14. Dialogin automaattinen generointi (the position requires fluent Finnish). Group: Discovery Research Group. Supervisor: Hannu Toivonen. More information:
  15. Infrastructure for managing large domain or requirements models. Group: Empirical Software Engineering. Supervisor: Tomi Männistö. 
  16. Web-based learning and assessment tool supporting learning of global competences. Group: Empirical Software Engineering. Supervisor: Tomi Männistö.
  17. Managing and running experiments on 5G testbed. Group: Secure systems Group. Supervisor: Valtteri Niemi. 
  18. Malware detection in mobile devices over time. Group: Data Analytics + Cyber Security (DA+CS). Supervisor: Nikolaj Tatti.
  19. Probabilistic artificial intelligence and machine learning. Group: Multi-source probabilistic inference. Supervisor: Arto Klami. More information:
  20. Constraint Reasoning and Optimization. Group: Constraint Reasoning and Optimization. Supervisors: Matti Järvisalo + senior members of the group. More information:
  21. Data-driven design of affirmative-action policies. Group: Mathioudakis. Supervisor: Michael Mathioudakis. More information:
  22. Lempel-Ziv compression for very large files: alternatives and encodings. Group: Compressed Data Structures. Supervisors: Simon Puglisi and Daniel Valenzuela. More information:

Applying for an internship 

To apply for an internship, use the following electronic form: The form has closed.

Applicants must upload a transcript (list of passed exams and courses) and optionally a one-page curriculum vitae with the application form. 

Important Dates 

  • February 5th: Deadline for applications 
  • February 6th – 28th: Interviews 
  • March 4th: Decision Notification 
  • May 20th: Suggested start of internship 


Send your questions to Michael Mathioudakis ( or Pirjo Moen  (