For anyone interested in renewable resources and their responsible use!

Major future issues such as climate change, food quality, the global availability of sustenance, forest diversity and use, and energy availability require a multidisciplinary approach. By studying at the Faculty you will also learn to reconcile economic and environmental perspectives.

Experts in biosciences and business

Graduates from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry are versatile experts in biosciences and business, able to meet the needs of both the business sector and society at large. We train future experts in alleviating and managing climate change and in providing new solutions to food and energy issues.

Our graduates’ employment prospects are good, because our teaching provides them with the ability to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical and topical issues. In addition, the education provided by the Faculty can serve as an excellent springboard for an international career.

NB! The trans­ition period of the de­gree re­form ends 12 December 2020.

If you have started studying before fall 2017 and are going to graduate in accordance with the old structure,  please see instructions how to finish your studies in time.