OEB seminars
Our seminars feature both visiting researchers and OEB members. We gather together typically every second Wednesday 13:00-14 to chat, learn and get inspired. Welcome!
Date Time Speaker Room Title More on speaker    
Wed 11 Jan 13-14 Heta Lähdesmäki, Sanna Ehonen Bio3, 5405 Heta: Bird feeding in the past and present: Can bird and rat-proofing bird tables lessen wildlife conflicts?
Wed 25 Jan 13-14 Katja Enberg Bio3, 6602 TBA Katja    
Wed 8 Feb 13-14 Sandra Winters, Alexey Shapiguzov Bio3, 5405 TBA Sandra
Wed 8 Mar 13-14 Carly Lynsdale, Maxime Durand Bio3, 5405 TBA Carly
Wed 22 Mar 13-14 Romy Schmidt Bio3, 5405 TBA Romy     
Wed 5 Apr 13-14 Anne Vatén, Elina Kaarlejärvi Bio3, 5405 TBA Anne
Wed 19 Apr 13-14 Thomas Lilley Bio3, 5405 TBA Thomas    
Wed 3 May 13-14 Raili Ruonala, Rose Thorogood   Rose: Looking for the evidence of a trait’s absence when absence is not necessarily evidence – a cautionary tale of behavioural plasticity in a range expanding cuckoo host Raili
Wed 17 May 13-14 Audrey Bras, James Ord,   TBA