OEB seminars
Our seminars in autumn 2022 feature both visiting researchers and OEB members. We gather together typically every second Wednesday 13:15-14 to chat, to learn and to get inspired. Welcome!
Date Time Speaker Room Title
Thu 29 Sept 14:00 Heather Kharouba Bio3, 5405 Climate change and the timing of species interactions
Wed 12 Oct 13:15 David Tallmon Bio3, 6602 How much further can Auke Creek Pacific salmon shift their annual migration timing?
Wed 26 Oct 13:15 Melis Kucukoglu Topcu
Tuomas Aivelo
Bio3, 5405 Melis: Wood formation and source-sink interactions in plants;
Tuomas: Anthropogenic threats to and opportunities for urban rats
Wed 9 Nov 13:15 Jussi Mäkinen
Alexis Porcher
Bio3, 5405 Jussi: New methods to utilize different observational data types for mapping species distributions
Alexis: Regulation of redox metabolism: A central aspect of Rose bud burst control
Wed 23 Nov 13:15 Dries Bonte Bio3, 5405 Biotic interactions as a driver of dispersal
Mon 5 Dec 13:15 Matthew Symonds Bio3, 5405 Shape-shifting birds: How birds are evolving in response to climate change
Wed 14 Dec 13:15 Christian Jørgensen Bio3, 5405 TBA