Celebrating the graduates

The graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences was celebrated on 9 May at 14 at the Great Hall in the University’s main building.

"A university degree is a great achievement and something to be celebrated. The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences is only just under 20 years old and has not yet established a tradition of graduation. For some time this was tried, but for one reason or another the tradition did not take off then - it is now time to restart this tradition, which has been a solid tradition in some other faculties, also in our faculty - now as a physical event here in the ballroom, during the corona situation the previous one was done remotely," said Dean Jaakko Kangasjärvi in his greeting to the graduates.

The figures for 2023 only show the number of graduates who will receive a diploma this spring until now. Many bachelors and masters students will not graduate until May or June at the end of the academic year.

Level of education 2023

  • Bachelor's degree 12
  • Master's degree 23
  • Licentiate degree -
  • Doctorate 16
  • Total 51

Congratulations to the graduates!