Processing an application for the title of docent

Applicants should take into consideration that the application process is extensive, spanning several months from the date of submission.
  1. The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences accepts applications for the title of docent twice a year. The application periods are 1-31 January and 1-31 August.
  2. Before submitting an application, prospective applicants are advised to contact a relevant responsible person for the discipline at the Faculty.
  3. After the application period has finished, the Docent Commttee Committee of the faculty will process the fields of the docentship applications.
  4. The Docent committee names the assessors for each docentship application according to the proposal of the responsible person for the discipline at the Faculty.
  5. After the assessors have been named, the Faculty’s Teaching Skills Committee evaluates the applicant’s teaching skills (including the demonstration lecture). The applicant will be sent separate instructions on how to book a time slot for the demonstration lecture.
  6. The Faculty Council will process the application the second time, once the assessor statements and the teaching skills evaluation statement have been received. If the applicant fulfils the requirements set for the title of docent, the Faculty Council will make a proposal to the Chancellor for the applicant’s nomination as docent at the University of Helsinki.
  7. The Chancellor decides on whether the title of the docent is granted to the applicant.