Instructions for students visiting upper secondary schools

A student in our faculty can take part in student ambassador activities, where the University of Helsinki pays fees for high school visits, for example. If you are not involved in the student ambassador activities of the University of Helsinki, but still want to go on a high school visit, follow the instructions below.

The following instructions therefore do not apply to student ambassador activities, but to independent high school lectures. The guidelines only apply to students in the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry who are going on an independent high school visit to talk about their own field during or after 2022. Please note that the high school visits are usually conducted either in Finnish or in Swedish.

MMTDK pays 50 € / lecture for independent high school lectures made by its own students. For self-presentation:

  1. Download our faculty presentation materials from the Teams platform.
  2. Take the high school visit.
  3. After your high school visit, fill out the fee request form (in Teams).

Presentation materials can be customized but keep the overall look clean and clear.