Student culture

Active students of our Faculty make up student culture. Many of the multidisciplinary events known throughout Viikki were created by students, and they have been uniting members of the Viikki community for years.

There are a dozen or so discipline-specific student associations active at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, with the ones for students of agriculture and forestry also operating several sub-associations. The activities of discipline-specific associations are run by association boards and officials, who plan events and activities for their members – everything from joint excursions, alumni evening sessions and bachelor’s thesis brainstorming morning sessions to mushroom picking, activities based around various checkpoints and student parties. Discipline-specific student associations are included in the Finnish Register of Associations of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, and their operations are always based on the Associations Act and their own rules. By participating in organisational activities, you learn very concrete skills relating to, for example, communication, updating websites, management and leadership, collaboration and event production. Participation also gives you the chance to get to know and do things with others. The boards of discipline-specific associations are usually elected in connection with their autumn meetings, and you can and should apply to join their activities already in your first year of studies.

The Association of Agriculture and Forestry Students is the umbrella organisation of the Faculty’s discipline-specific student associations.


Student associations

Agro-Forst is a more than 100-year-old organization for Finland-Swedish geography and forestry students. Students of the environment and food economics, as well as students of food, agricultural and forestry sciences and veterinary students are also welcome. The old Finland-Swedish fun traditions crumble in our activities! Our regular student events includes, for example, excursions, sports and cultural events, and gatherings (sitsit).

By far the most popular events are:

  • freshmen party
  • Christmas party
  • anniversary
  • summer meeting

Why join Agro-Forst?

Members receive numerous benefits through us. For example, Agro-Forst distributes to members free of charge the unique coverall and brooch of our subject organization. In addition to this, our organization offers scholarships and student counseling to our student members. The subject organization also has an active group chat that allows you to stay in touch with other members and build new friendships. It is worth participating in our activities, because Agro-Forst is not just a membership but an experience. Our subject organization has always had a good team spirit and it is easy to join the group. In addition to this, experiencing our traditions is a memorable experience you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

How do I get involved?

It's easy to get involved. All you have to do is show up at our event or indicate your interest in being a member of our subject organization. You can get the latest information about the events of the subject organization through our e-mail list. On our website you will find instructions on how to join our email list. In addition, you should follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to get instant news.

Greetings from the board

“As a member of Agro-Forst, I have been able to influence the activities of the government and create good connections with other Finnish-Swedes in my faculty. It's easy to become a member, come along! ” – Annika, Secretary

“Agro-Forst has been very important to me since the beginning of my studies. I think of the organization as almost another family. Working on the board has taught me a lot of new things and at the same time I have been able to make good connections both in student life and outside of studies. Welcome aboard!" – Gustav, President

“We have a good community at Agro-Forst and everyone is welcome to get involved. I look forward to seeing new faces in the future! ” – Henrika, Vice-President

The Mentor Club for Food Students unites food students and professionals. At the heart of the activity is the annual Mentor programme, where the student acquires their own mentor. During the academic year-long programme, joint meetings are held during which mentors and students get to know each other and discuss their ideas related to working life. The programme has traditionally included an interview exercise, which has been considered particularly rewarding. Much of the work takes place between the mentor pair in the way the student wishes and is guided. In addition, the Mentor Club has a tradition of organizing small-scale work-related events, and we work extensively with the Finnish Agronomic Association, the Society for Food Sciences and other subject organizations.

Finding mentors is the responsibility of the association’s board. Once the mentors involved have been confirmed in the early fall, students can apply for the mentors involved to pair off. Participation in the programme requires membership in the Mentor Club. You can become a member by filling in the e-form on the website and paying the membership fee. To join, the applicant must be a student of the University of Helsinki 's Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, whose studies are related to the food industry or nutrition. As a member, and by participating in the programme, you will grow your network, hone your application and resume, and you may gain insights into your career path.


Representing the dark side of the biosciences down to its student overalls, Helix takes students on a journey to the mysterious world of genes, microbes, cells and biomolecules. Helix ry, or more familiarly just Helix, is the subject-specific association of students of biochemistry, microbiology as well as cell and molecular biology at the University of Helsinki. All students regardless of their study track or faculty are welcome to our events, including academic dinner parties, excursions and other get-togethers. 

Kertsi, the Helix headquarters, is located on the first floor of Biocenter 1, where you can get a cup of coffee or tea as well as snacks to refresh yourself on breaks during laboratory courses. You can also take a breather on our sofas and read Vapaa Radikaali, our official association magazine. Should inspiration strike, you can also contribute to the magazine: VR is happy to welcome new ideas and writers. Our other activities are open to all too, with active participants welcomed with open arms!

Through its exceptional status as the subject-specific student association for two faculties, Helix participates in the organisation of many events, dinner parties, excursions and get-togethers together with our sister organisations under the League of Agricultural and Forestry Students Associations and the Biosfääri organisation of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences. In our activities, we also pay close attention to our environmental and climate-related impact in accordance with our environmental programme. We have also helped local representatives of other species by building a hedgehog cabin, and we intend to continue along these lines by building, among other things, bird and bat houses.

In addition, Helix runs Biofilm, a photography club established in 2020. Biofilm organises photoshoot trips and sessions as well as workshops open to anyone, regardless of your field or academic level of study. Last year, we managed to organise two trips in spite of the pandemic, one to the natural environment in Vuosaari and another to the middle of the urban heartbeat of Sörnäinen and Kallio. In spring 2021, we held a workshop that introduced participants to the wonders of image processing. There will be more to come!

We elect a new board and officials every autumn, but you can join in the activities also in the middle of the term, for example, by reaching out to the board. Officials must be members of the association, which can be joined by anyone studying biosciences as their major or minor subject at the University of Helsinki. And this only applies to the organisation of events and such: attending events requires only that you come to them!

Helix is a community that strives to create a safe sense of inclusivity for all. We observe the principles for a safer space on our premises as well as online, and there is no room for any form of discrimination or harassment in our community. We offer our members a diverse range of activities; something for everyone. We also do our best to lobby for students’ interests and rights at the faculties and the University as well as in society. As an official of the association, you will be able to participate in and promote all of this. Organisational activities are also a great way to get to know like-minded people, and there’s no harm in adding a mention about your contribution to your CV either.

Greetings from members of the association board:

“Howdy-do! I’m Saku and I'm the chair of Helix in 2021. I’ve also served in Helix as a student study advisor and coordinator, a photographer and a website manager, among other roles. All of them have taught me a lot: as the study advisor and coordinator, I had the chance to promote students’ status in the University community and learn about the progress of the decision-making process, for example, from steering and management groups to the Faculty Council. As a website manager, I learned about website administration, backend systems and various coding parameters. However, the position that has required the most responsibility is my current chairship. In that role, I’ve learned about the Associations Act, running an association, the GDPR, chairing meetings, collaborating with other organisations... in general a great variety of things. And while there are responsibilities, these skills will come in handy in the future. Don’t hesitate to join in Helix activities to learn new things!” – Saku, chair

“Hi! I'm Lilja, editor-in-chief of the Helix magazine VR in 2021. Even though Helix has been part of my life for five years, I sought to take part in actual organisational activities only two years ago. Well, last autumn I summoned up my courage and accepted the role of editor-in-chief, which also entailed a seat on the board of the association. As a veteran of Helix, it’s been a pleasure to get a vantage point on the core of the association and contribute to the kind of decisions that grounded my own days as a first-year student and made making friends easy. For me, the association magazine is a great creative outlet, in addition to which it is a channel for discussing meaningful and topical issues to many members of the association.” – Lilja, editor-in-chief of VR

“Chirp-chirp! I learned a lot about meeting practices and organisation, and I also polished my collaboration skills. Later as the chair, I also gained valuable experience in making difficult decisions and leading a group. What I consider the most important thing, however, is that my active years in the association taught me to be more flexible, better identify my weaknesses and realise that I still need to further develop all the skills I used in the board’s activities.” – Inkeri, chair


The Food Science Students Association, Lipidi, is one of the largest subject organizations on the Viikki campus, which acts both as a subject organization for the benefit of students as well as prviding entertaiment for its members. There are events throughout the year and there is sure to be something for everyone from the wide selection. The range of events includes the annual Pig Festival, unforgettable foreign excursions, several cultural and sporting events, as well as a varied introduction to the domestic food industry. The Lipid Annual Celebrations are celebrated every Five Years and are highlights of Lipid students’ study time. The aim is to provide and support all activities on an equal footing so that prices remain student-friendly.

Students are encouraged to make contacts already during their studies. Lipidi ry organizes two major excursions each year, one in country and the other abroad. The main focus of the excursions is on company visits and getting to know fellow students. In addition to these, company visits are made to the surrounding area several times during the academic year. The aim is also to support the membership in the job search by organizing working life evenings, distributing job advertisements and also helping the membership in finding jobs through working life evenings and co-operation in other fields.

All students of the University of Helsinki who are interested in food can become members of Lipidi. Joining is done using the e-form found on the website. The membership fee covers the membership for the entire period of study. In the subject organization, you get to know your fellow students, who at best become life-long friends. By participating in the activities of the subject organization, you will meet new acquaintances with whom you can have lunch in the university canteen, solve problems and have fun in your free time. As a member, it is possible to participate in all lipidi events as well as in the decision-making of the board.

At the beginning of 2021, the subject association of students of consumer economics and nutrition sciences, Oikos ry, ceased its activities, but will continue its activities as a subdivision of Lipidi, organizing excursions, alumni evenings and various other more relaxed events. The aim is also to increasingly highlight nutrition science and its achievements and, for this reason the subdivision cooperates with various parties, such as RTY and SRY, for example by participating in the Nutrition Week social media campaign in the autumn. The subdivision is intended for all students of the University of Helsinki who are interested in nutrition.

Testimonies from the board

“I have been involved in Lipidi’s operations for the third year and over the years I have held very different roles: as an event team member, as a PR manager and this year as chairman. Being on the board has taught me, among other things, what different meeting practices are like and what event planning is like. Board work is about brainstorming and joint implementation, and sometimes you have to be able to compromise.” – Theresa, President

“The most valuable things that are left in the hands of subject organization activities are good friends and other networks. The importance of contacts is not unnecessarily emphasized by everyone! Lipid 's activities are very diverse, which means that I also accumulate skills in many ways: for example, as a sports manager, I organized sports events alone and in cooperation with other organizations; now as a secretary, I have worked on my communication and IT skills. Board tasks can also always be customized, which makes them pleasant.” – Hanna-Mari, Secretary

“Being a member of the board provides not only fun moments, but also valuable experience. In addition to fundamental activities such as budgeting, invoicing and accounting, many important work skills such as collaboration skills and time management have been taken up by the board.” –Sanni, Catering

MMYL is the faculty organization of MMTDK

The Association of Agriculture and Forestry Students, more commonly known as MMYL, is the umbrella organization of the subject organizations of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, i.e. the so-called faculty organization. We are a general advocate in the faculty, but also an interdisciplinary actor that brings together students from different disciplines. We traditionally organize the biggest events in Viikki, and we are actively connected with the faculty, the student union, and other organizations. As part of lobbying, we also create links with working life and strive to raise the profile and value of degrees in the field of agriculture and forestry in working life.

MMYL is Viikki's most interdisciplinary organization

“In our activities, you get to meet new people more than anywhere else in Viikki! At MMYL, you get to follow organizational activities and student life from the front row. This is a great opportunity to network and learn about the world of organizations, for example, and student culture, among other things. Definitely worth joining! ” – Onni, President 2021

Metsäylioppilaat ry, or MYO in Viikki, is the subject organization of Forest Science students at the University of Helsinki. Upon graduation, forest students (”forstit”), become Masters of Agriculture and Forestry, who receive the title of forest manager. The purpose of the Finnish Forest Students ' Association is to promote the common interest and community spirit of forestry students by supporting both study and leisure activities. In practice, the activities are excursions, presentation of working life opportunities, interdisciplinarity with other organizations, and recreational activities that balance studies.

MYO is an active association where every fortress is sure to find activities that suit his or her own interests. The organization has a long tradition, however, which is constantly changing. 

From the board 

  1. Different people all over Finland are the salt of all activities!
  2. Activities focus on diversity, ie. also outside the forest theme.
  3. The forest spirit is visible and heard!

Participating in MYO activities is worthwhile if you are studying forest sciences or are interested in those things! The membership is valid throughout the study period, so you can benefit from the membership in many ways and for a long time. You should become a member right at the beginning of your studies. Many events and Sales Products are successful for members and some are free. It is also possible to participate in MYO events without membership.

The easiest way to get involved in Metsäylioppilaat ry 's activities is to participate in open events, which are reported on our social media. You can read about the latest events and news on the organization's Instagram and Facebook. Please feel free to contact the board if anything that you feel is important comes up!

Environmental Sciences Students –MYY ry is a subject organization for environmental students at the University of Helsinki, founded in 1961. MYY operates in both the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences. We promote the interests of our members at the university and in working life by acting as an interest organization. MYY also organizes various events for its members such as excursions, parties, nature trips, sports, culture and other nice activities. Environmentally friendly operating methods are taken care of in all of MYY's operations. MYYläinen can be found in Viikki Biokeskus 3 's club room, ie. “kertsi” and identified by dark green boilersuits (haalarit).

MYY ry organizes events and activities throughout the year, from the autumn excursion to the spring wine competition and from Karkkila 's Little Christmas to the opening of the Suomenlinna season. MYY ry 's activities are very diverse and not limited to just partying. For example, there are many clubs under our auspices, such as a sports, craft and fishing club, whose task is to organize meetings for membership in various hobbies. MYY also has an official organization magazine published four times a year - Leväperäinen. All members have the opportunity to participate in the production of the magazine at random at any time of the year. A printed copy of Levis is available in MYY ry 's club room whenever a new issue appears. The print volume is not large, but fortunately Levikset has also been published in the Issuu service since 2015.

Anyone can become a member of MYY ry. However, members are classified into two categories: full members and external members. New members are approved by the board or the meeting of the association.

Full Member: A person who is studying environmental sciences as a major or minor. The full member has the right to speak and vote at the meetings of the association, the right to speak at the meetings of the board and the right to stand for election to the board.

External member: A person who is interested in environmental sciences. An external member has the rights and obligations of a full member, but they do not have the right to vote at a meeting of the association and cannot be elected to the board.

The membership fee is a one-time fee, and the price includes an overalls badge, the right to MYY ry 's overalls, reduced prices for paid events and products, for example from MYY 's songbook, and priority for events with a limited number of participants.

In our warm-hearted group you can very easily find your very own niche!

Greetings from the board

“I joined MYY 's board immediately in my first year of study. A little has been done in the job of the event manager and a lot has been learned. The best thing, however, has been that you can get to be at all events and always know what is planned. Probably the best memories of the mill are the wine tasting event we organized on May Day and the sports challenge organized by the sports club, where we were allowed to do fun winter challenges. I definitely recommend getting involved in MYY 's activities! All events are low-threshold events and it’s easy to get involved. ” – Jutta, Event Manager

“I’m at MYY for the second year now and this year I’m the second event manager on the board of MYY. The post has been very generous and interesting as planning and implementing events is a very rewarding job. When planning and participating in events, it is possible to cooperate in various ways with various organizations. The thing about beeing in charge of the event is getting to know new people and developing cooperation. MYY is very easy to approach, and you can ask questions about activities or events at any time!“  Pauliina, Event Manager

“I am studying environmental sciences for the second year and, on the board, I take care of everything related to my studies. I try to keep track of all current study issues at Y-bachelor’s degree and communicate them, for example, through study bulletins. In addition, I am an alternate member of the Y-bachelor 's management team, so any feedback I receive will certainly move forward. I wouldn’t know how to choose one of the funniest memories. MYY is a wonderful organization and perhaps the best memory is that you get to know wonderful people. Thanks to that, all the events have been fun.” – Henriikka, Study Representative

Oikos is a subdivision of nutrition students and those interested in the field at the University of Helsinki. Oikos may be familiar to you as a subject organization for students of nutrition science and consumer economics, but since 2021 the activities have been transferred to Lipidi ry. So you are a member of Oikos automatically if you belong to Lipidi. Oikos organizes a wide range of activities for its members, from casual evenings to sports and study events. In the first year of the subdivision, the aim is to bring students closer to working life, for example through career events, and to start developing new activities with the help of members' wishes. With the new winds, new traditions will certainly be formed over the years. The task of the right is also to promote the cohesion of the members and to maintain contacts with both the university's teaching staff and working life.

Together with Lipidi ry and Viri Lactis ry, Oikos has a club room at the EE House on the Viikki campus, where you can have coffee and meet other students. In any case, co-operation has already been established with these two subject organizations by co-organizing the “Wine and Whine” event. Oikos generally values ​​doing things together, and there is also co-operation with parties outside the university, such as the Association of Nutrition Therapists and the Finnish Association of Nutrition.

If there is interest in the organization's activities, the Oikos elections will be held annually in the late autumn. The activities are relaxed and implemented with the well-being of the students in mind. This year, Alisa's event manager Alisa, together with other employees, has already been able to organize the Oikos launch event and a career event, which helped her write a CV and application letter. The best thing about Alisa has been learning new things and meeting new people. It has also been fun for him to get to use English, as Oikos  ’activities are entirely in English. This also takes into account exchange and master's students from abroad. Secretary Katri thinks the best thing about Oikos is the encouraging atmosphere, and she has been inspired to get to develop completely new activities. The Secretary appreciates likes that Oikos ' title is not only tied to certain types of tasks, but that the most important thing is to work together according to one's own resources. All experience is certainly also useful in working life. If being an employee is not your thing, you can always also contact Oikos and share your own ideas for improving your operations.

Sampsa ry is a subject organization for agricultural students, which has been operating since 1907. The subject association founded by students of agricultural sciences is one of the most active in Viikki and over the years has offered students on the Viikki campus a variety of things to do. All students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry who are interested in agriculture are welcome to become members of Sampsa ry!

Agricultural students have always been active helpers, and have been involved in organizing, among other things, the annual Days on Land and landing events for pasture at the Viikki farm. An integral part of the activities of our subject organization also includes general meetings in various companies in the agricultural sector, annual celebrations in the autumn and joint game trips and excursions that are organized during the year. Within Sampsa, there is a culture and sports division as well as a study and internationalization division, which provide both physical and mental stimuli to its members. You can develop your writing skills on the editorial boards of Sampsa magazine and Maatiainen. Sampsa also has four sub-clubs formed as a result of sectoral specializations. In addition to the umbrella organization, each sub-club has its own annual traditions, so there will be no boring study time!

Our subject organization offers its members a lot to do throughout their studies, so it is definitely worth getting involved. By leaving the board of the subject organization or participating in the organization of events, you can influence what kind of events happen in Viikki! Our subject organization offers so-called freshman positions for first-year students, through which you can get a good start in subject organization activities. However, it is worth remembering that you can join later! Through subject organization activities, networking with other year courses, companies in the field or other subject organizations is really easy. Participation does not require experience, but anyone can apply for positions entirely on their own.

Greetings from the board

“Based on my own experience, I can say that subject organization activity gives more to its participants than it takes. It’s a great way to give back to your own student community and at the same time develop your own networks by meeting new people. Especially for new students, this is a good way to expand your circle of friends and learn about, for example, meeting practices, managing the finances of organizations, and organizing events. In planning and organizing events, I have been able not only to realize myself but also to help preserve the togetherness of student culture and our subject organization over the Corona period. Carrying out responsible subject organization tasks is a merit that is also valued on the part of working life. So I warmly recommend getting involved.” – Vikke, Vice-President and Host

“The subject organization is everyone's own big family at the university, and I would like the students to take into account that the activities are exactly what their participants look like and the opportunities to influence activities and even studies are great. In addition to competence, he leads his own networks in management and other positions. I don’t think the importance of networking can be overemphasized! Internationalization is also a natural part of the study phase, and even today there are so many options that everyone can implement it according to their own goals. Being a member of the board is a highly recommended and enriching experience!” – Taru, Study Representative and International Affairs

“In subject organization activities, one has learned to pay attention to and listen to others even better, and it is best to cooperate with other board members. Being involved in the activities of a subject organization and working together is an experience that is only gained by participating oneself!” – Tanja, Secretary

SISU International Sports United ry (SISU)

For the very first time, I heard about the PM Games during an orientation week at the university. The one who marketed the race encouraged me to join in boldly, even if I didn’t know anyone from the team. I was told that no one who entered the games  has ever regretted the decision. When I came to Viikki, I was already interested in university sports and wanted to be actively involved in the activities. However, I did not join at that time, as going abroad for a week with the team would have been too unexpected after freshman week.

I participated in the PM competitions for the first time in the next year’s home competitions. I remember in the early days thinking that this is a completely insane thing. Although I didn’t do well in many sports, it was a team spirit and a feeling of something I hadn’t experienced before. In the PM competitions, it’s great that you don’t even have to be good in sports. Incentives and bench sports are at least as important. In the next year’s competition, I won my first medals in backstroke and tennis doubles. Both are sports that I hadn’t done before. With two years of competitive experience behind me, I remember the words I said during my first week of college, and I can say with my wholw heart that I have not regretted going into competitive sports and similar activities.Oskari, games freshman

The PM competitions, ie. sports competitions between the Nordic Life Science Universities, are usually held every autumn and each participating country hosts the competitions alternately. The event has a long tradition: this fall would be the 74th time the PM Games have been held. The competing teams come from Finland (University of Helsinki, MMTDK), Norway (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Sweden (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and Denmark (University of Copenhagen).

SISU International Sports United is the home organization of the PM competitions. Our goal is not only to be responsible for organizing the PM Games, but we want to bring the joy of exercise and the diamond team spirit of the PM Games to our entire home campus in Viikki! We will also offer the joy of sports, internationality and the good news of interdisciplinarity in the form of completely new event concepts. Welcome to the teddy bear organization of the University of Helsinki! #viikinkarhuofficial

Viikki Food and Consumer Economics Association (VEKE) is Viikki 's youngest subject organization - the organization was founded in 2017 for students interested in food economics and consumption. VEKE organizes different events for its members in various ways: company excursions, delicious table gatherings (sitsist) and raucous evenings. Everyone is sure to find something among VEKE 's events! We are an easy-going subject organization, and we always encourage new students to get involved in subject organization activities.

Working at VEKE allows you to meet like-minded people and you can also network with students in your own field as well as in other fields. If subject organization activities catch your attention even a little bit, then you should just jump in! No one is to left themselves; rather, participants do fun stuff together. Through the activities, you internalize important lessons in working life, when you can accumulate e.g. budgeting, organizational and project skills. Students in the same field are also most likely to find future colleagues, and what better way to get to know them already while studying! All students at the University of Helsinki interested in food and consumption can be accepted as members of VEKE. You can apply to become a member of VEKE's Board of Directors at the autumn meeting in October-November.

Greetings from the board

“I have especially learned organizational and coordination skills. The world of VEKE and, among other things, the legal issues related to the activities of associations have also become familiar, and this will certainly be useful in the future as well. In government, we have also gotten to know great people and create valuable networks for the future!” – Linnea, President

“At VEKE, I have been able to plan various events with top people and have learned how subject organization activities are run. The best and most rewarding thing has been getting to know new people! I warmly recommend joining VEKE 's activities if you are interested in low-threshold activities and want to get involved in developing the look of Viikki 's youngest subject organization and the buzz of the future.” – Iina, Secretary

“I have learned important cooperation and communication skills from subject organization activities, which I will use in the future both in and outside of working life. In addition to this, through subject organization activities, I have met new people and made great friends from all over the faculty!” – Catarina, Catering

Viikin Taloustieteilijät ry or VITA is meant for all students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry who are studying economics. VITA also acts as an umbrella organization for students in the bachelor 's programme in environmental and food economics. Any undergraduate or postgraduate student studying at the University of Helsinki can become a member. VITA organizes various events for students, such as memorable parties and sporting events. VITA narrows the gap between students and working life through company visits, working life events and caring for job vacancies. VITA also works in close co-operation with other subject organizations, and opportunities for co-operation are openly taken up, even across subject boundaries. We also take care of the study benefit supervision of Viikki 's economics degree programs.

“I joined VITA already in the freshman year, because I wanted to learn something new, meet new people and be influenced by what my own study time looks like.“ – Laura, Corporate Relations Manager


Subject organization activities are a means of networking with fellow students and working life contacts during their studies. At VITA, you gain significant work experience that even employers know how to value. The activities at VITA are rewarding, and there are countless fun moments promised, as well as friends from all the year-round courses and the entire campus!

“I recommend everyone to apply for VITA, even if your best friends don’t apply. Going into VITA's activities has definitely been the best decision during my university studies, I have met so many great people and made new friends. ” – Katariina, Event Manager

Welcome to the activities!

Do you want to apply to VITA as a board member or as an employee? Great! You are welcome to join whether you are a freshman or a senior scientist. VITA 's Board of Directors and staff for the following year are elected annually at the autumn meeting in November-December. The autumn meeting is a meeting open to the entire membership, where any member can run for office. The date of the autumn meeting will be announced on the membership's mailing list and on VITA's social media.

“Working at VITA has been really rewarding - you can bring joy to your life and learn in so many ways. For example, I myself have developed my organizational and communication skills in my positions, and learned a lot about Finnish association activities. ” – Katja, President

Viri Lactis ry is a small international subject organization for food scientists. It was founded in 1947 by the then dairy (later dairy technology) students. Today, all students interested in food sciences, regardless of major, are welcome!

Viri Lactis organizes a wide range of events throughout the year. The most important of these are the annual Wine & Cheese Evening in the autumn and a spring excursion abroad. The Wine & Cheese Evening is an evening event organized especially for freshmen, where, in addition to serving, interesting performances can be enjoyed, for example in connection with the production of cheese. In recent years, trips to Belgium, Italy and Austria, among others, have been made. In addition, Viri Lactis organizes domestic excursions, baking evenings and cooperation with alumni.

Why get involved in government and organizational activities?

“Board operations teach, among other things, meeting practices, planning one's own schedule and coordinating events. The most important thing, however, is to express one's own opinion and the importance of cooperation. All in all, organizational activities bring with them a tremendous amount of experience in working life skills. I am really pleased that I dared to join the board. In student activities, you can also get to know other students well, both from your own and other organizations. ”– Afrin, Event Manager

“In operations, it is easy to apply for a position where you can take advantage of your own interests. Assignments can be found for those interested in social media and writing as well as study issues and exercise. At the heart of the activity, you can organize events and influence matters concerning the subject organization. However, government is not just about making decisions but also having fun! I have learned a lot about organizing, managing my own time and working in groups, among other things. Whether you are a first-year or even a fifth-year student, you can participate in subject organization and board activities!” – Anni, Publicist

“Most of all, I learned about organizing events and working with students in my own field, as well as subject organizations and students in other fields. As an international manager, you can get to know international students and use this experience to internationalize in Finland as well. Definitely worth joining if you want to meet new people or get to plan and organize different events for other students! ” – Katri, International Affairs

Vuorovaikeutus ry, or VV was founded in 1987 for students majoring in environmental economics at the University of Helsinki 's YET bachelor 's programme and majoring in environmental and natural resource economics, or YLE and for AGERE master’s students. Also Food and Consumption Economics students are often members. We organize a wide range of casual events for our members, from game evenings to mushroom picking trips and evening gatherings to company excursions - there is something for everyone in our activities! VV also organizes bachelor sparring evenings, alumni evenings and subject meetings, which is why we also have good relations with the faculty’s teaching staff, and we work a lot together. We are driven by genuine desire to change the world and we act accordingly.

A warm and cheerful crew

VV is a warm-hearted and relatively small subject organization, and we are open for new members. As the oldest subject organization in the Department of Economics, we have dear traditions, but we don’t like to get stuck; we rather drive strive toward carrying out activities that look like ourselves every year. So, this is the perfect subject organization for freshmen and even older students who want to get involved in low-threshold activities.

Come and give our events, meetings or excursions, a try and soon enough you will find yourself in VV 's crew. A new board and staff will always be elected around the end of the year around November, and no previous experience is required for most positions. You will learn everything essential along the way!

You can identify YET students who started in 2017 or later from the dark blue student boilersuit (haalarit) of the umbrella organization VITA of the Department of Economics, and those who started before 2017 from MYY's dark green student boilersuit. You might also recognize us from our mascot, Jallu the Polar Bear, who is always on adventures.

What do current and former government board members have to say about VV?

“At VV, the team is just super casual, and a board wash is a great way to network with other than your own classmates! Feel free to join!” – Susanna, Secretary

“I was immediately interested in VV in the freshman year because the events and the people at VV were all really nice. Now it has become an organization that is dear to me, where all ideas are received with joy and a twinkle in my eye. It is easy to take ownership of an activity in an organization where everyone is happy to encourage and help. I feel that this makes it much easier for me to apply to larger organizations or unions when, for example, meeting practices and cooperation skills are well in hand.” – Anna, Publicist

“In the subject organization, you can get to know new nice types, as well as create a common spirit among students in your field. VV is also a community that provides support throughout the study period. There are only good memories of VV!” – Oula, President