Economics and Management

Research at the Department of Economics and Management aims to result in policy and business-relevant contributions, and teachings in change makers for sustainable futures. Our work focuses on issues associated with the goods and services rendered by the human management of ecosystems, in particular of agricultural lands, food systems, forests and aquatic environments.

At the Department of Economics and Management, we strive for finding solutions for the opportunities and challenges for the food economy stemming from the sustainable development agenda. We thereby take a multi-level perspective, from individual businesses to their value chain partners, food systems, ecosystems of food production, consumption cultures, as well as the societal forces in which these are embedded. Our research perspectives include economics, management, marketing and consumption theory, among others. We apply a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods to better understanding the economics and management of ecosystems that render goods and services to life.

Our research is marked by a strong relevance and impact for policy makers and businesses aiming to advance the food sector for sustainable futures. Our researchers are, for instance, actively engaged in the Finnish IPCC Panel (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

The practice-orientation, multi-level perspective, as well as the diversity of academic approaches to opportunities and challenges, are also reflected in our courses aiming to equip change makers for sustainable futures. Here, we strive, on the one hand, for providing students with a broad perspective on the topics while learning to analyze opportunities and challenges from different viewpoints. On the other hand, we offer programme-based specializations that come along with students’ applications of multi-method toolkits, relevant to their future employments. The department hosts the M.Sc. programme; Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics, the M.Sc. programme; Food economy and consumption, and the B.Sc. programme; Environmental and Food Economics.