PhD projects

Current PhD projects:

Riikka Alvik: Things on Board: Interpreting the eighteenth-century Shipwreck Sites

Kaisa Autere: Sociolinguistic Analysis in Contextualising Ancient Material - A Study on Scribal Identity in Late Middle Kingdom Egypt

Olga Batanina: Bioanthropology of Yuzhny Oleni Ostrov: life and death in Mesolithic of North-Eastern Europe

Rebekka Eckelmann: Self versus Society: Individual dietary life histories within communal subsistence practices at Late Mesolithic Yuzhniy Oleniy Ostrov

Heli Etu-Sihvola: Interpreting stable isotope analysis results: Luistari in Eura as a case study

Jan Fast: Deutsches Lager Hanko – The Modern Conflict Archaeology and History of a German Second World War Transition Camp in Hanko S. Finland

Uine Kailamäki: First millennium earthen architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean: the relationship between communities and their built environment

Sanna Kivimäki: Miksi väentiheys kasvoi Suomessa 4500-3500 eaa. ja mitä kasvusta seurasi? Tapaustutkimuksena Pohjois-Karjala

Heidi Kovanen: Iron Age burials of Jordan and Israel-Palestine: their current research status and future from the point of view of gender archaeology

Leena Lehtinen: Taannehtiva tulkinta ja sen hyödyntäminen

Bonnie Nilhamn: White ware - domestication of pyrotechnology. Plaster containers and their socio-economic contribution to the Neolithic society

Wesa Perttola: Ports of Call on the Silk Road of the Sea: Geospatial Analysis of a Maritime Trade Network and Human Interaction in Early Modern Southeast Asia

Liisa Kunnas-Pusa: Historiography and Conceptual History of Stone Age Archaeology in Finland c. 1700–1900

Jenni Sahramaa: Visualization and interpretation of Iron Age clothing – from intuition to microanalysis

Jarkko Saipio: Lapp Cairns – Spatial and Cultural Context of Early Metal Period Stone Structures in the Finnish Lake District

Tiina Sonninen: Keskiaikaisten kirkkojen kuvien tutkimus

Janne Soisalo: Adapting to Climate Change 4200 Years ago: The Case of the Finnish Kiukais Culture

Elina Terävä: Military culture in castles on the Baltic Sea from 14th to 16th century – Case study: military life in the castle of Raseborg

Esko Tikkala: Neos Hekatompedos - a Hundred Footer? Architectural Metrology and Early Monumental Temples in Greece

Tommi Turmo: Urbanization and Rural Production of Ancient Thesprotia, Northwestern Greece

Kalle Virtanen: Koorkülan Valgjärven vedenalaisen muinaisjäännöksen konteksti ja tulkinta

PhD projects 1990-2021:

2021 Heinonen, Tuuli: The Social and Material World of Medieval and Early Modern (c.1200-1650) Villages in Southern Finland

[Published in: ]

2021 Nurminen, Katariina: Fish Bones and Fishing in Finland during the Stone Age. [Published in: Iskos 23]

2020 Kivikero, Hanna: The Economy of Food. Tracing food production and consumption in Castles Kastelholm and Raseborg from the 14th to 16th centuries. [Published in: ]

2020 Marila, Marko: Introductory Notes to a Speculative Epistemology of Archaeology. [Published in: ]

2019 Ehrnsten, Frida: Pengar för gemene man? Det medeltida myntbruket i Finland.

[Published in: ]

2019 Hamari, Pirjo: Roman Period Roof Tiles in the Eastern Mediterranean, Towards Regional Typologies.

[Published in: ]

2019 Ahola, Marja: Death in the Stone Age Making Sense of Mesolithic-Neolithic mortuary remains from Finland (ca. 6800 to 2300 cal BC).

[Published in: ]

2019 Kirkinen, Tuija: Between Skins – Animal skins in the Iron Age and historical burials in eastern Fennoscandia.

[Published in: ]

2019 Vanhanen, Santeri: Prehistoric Cultivation and Plant Gathering in Finland – an archaeobothanical Study.

[Published in: ]

2018 Seitsonen, Oula: Digging Hitler’s Artic War: Archaeologies and Heritage of the Second World War German Military Presence in Finnish Lapland.

[Published in: ]

2017 Enqvist, Johanna: Suojellut muistot. Arkeologisen perinnön hallinnan kieli, käsitteet ja ideologia.

[Published in: ]

2017 Koivikko, Minna: Recycling Ships: Maritime Archaeology of UNESCO World Heritage Site Suomenlinna.

[Published in: ]

2017 Koivisto, Satu: Archaeology of Finnish Wetlands with special reference to studies of Stone Age stationary wooden fishing structures.

[Published in: ]

2017 Maaranen, Päivi: Neljä näkökulmaa maisemaan Havaintoja menneisyyden ihmisen ja ympäristön välisestä vuorovaikutuksesta eteläisimmän Suomen alueella.

[Published in: ]

2016 Salo, Kati: Health in southern Finland - Bioarchaeological analysis of 555 skeletons excavated from nine cemeteries (11th -19th century AD).

[Published in: ]

2016 Vajanto, Krista: Dyes and Dyeing Methods in Late Iron Age Finland.

[Published in: ]

2015 Tallavaara, Miikka: Humans under Climate Forcing: How climate change shaped hunter-gatherer population dynamics in Europe 30,000–4000 years ago.

[Published in: ]

2014 Manninen, Mikael: Culture, Behaviour, and the 8200 calBP Cold Event – organisational change and culture-environment dynamics in Late Mesolithic northern Fennoscandia.

[Published in: ]

2014 Sundell, Tarja: The past hidden in our genes. Combining archaeological and genetic methodology: Prehistoric population bottlenecks in Finland.

[Published in: ]

2013 Hakulin, Lena: Metal in LBA Minoan and Mycenaean Societies on Crete: a Quantitative Approach.

[Published in: ]

2013 Saunaluoma, Sanna: Pre-Colonial Earthwork Sites in the Frontier Region between Brazil and Bolivia, southwestern Amazon.

[Published in: ]

2012 Kouki, Paula: The Hinterland of a City – Rural settlement and land use in the Petra region from the Nabataean-Roman to the Early Islamic period.

[Published in: ]

2010 Viitanen, Eeva-Maria: Locus Bonus. The Relationship of the Roman Villa to its Environment in the Vicinity of Rome.

[Published in: ]

2010 Wessman, Anna: Death, Destruction and Commemoration: Tracing ritual activities in Finnish Late Iron Age cemeteries (AD 550-1150).

[Published in: Iskos 18]

2008 Lahelma, Antti: A Touch of Red: Archaeological and Ethnographic Approaches to Interpreting Finnish Rock Paintings.

[Published in: Iskos 15]

2008 Mannermaa, Kristiina: The Archaeology of Wings. Birds and people in the Baltic Sea region during the Stone Age.

[Published in: ]

2007 Mökkönen, Teemu: Studies on Stone Age Housepits in Fennoscandia (4000–2000 calBC) – Changes in ground plan, site location and degree of sedentism.

[Published in: ]

2005 Halinen, Petri: Prehistoric Hunters of Northernmost Lapland - settlement patterns and subsistence strategies.

[Published in: Iskos 14]

2003 Salminen, Timo: Suomen tieteelliset voittomaat.

[Published in: SMYA 110]

2002 Talvio, Tuukka: Coins and Coin Finds in Finland AD 800 – 1200.

[Published in: Iskos 12]

2001 Kriiska, Aivar: Stone Age settlement and economic processes in the Estonian coastal area and islands.

[Published in: ]

2001 Lavento, Mika: Textile ceramics in Finland and on the Karelian Isthmus. Nine variations and Fugue on a theme of C. F. Meinander.

[Published in: SMYA 109]

2000 Lönnqvist, Minna: Between nomadism and sedentism; Amorites from the perspective of contextual archaeology.

[Published in: ]

1997 Uino, Pirjo: Ancient Karelia - archaeological studies. Muinais-Karjala - arkeologisia tutkimuksia.

[Published in: SMYA 104]

1991 Taavitsainen, Jussi-Pekka: Ancient hillforts of Finland: problems of analysis, chronology and interpretation with special reference to the hillfort of Kuhmoinen.

[Published in: SMYA 94]