People and networks involved with the">DeepFIN project.

Eljas Oksanen is the project manager and MSC researcher for DeepFIN. His interests include social and economic history during the Middle Ages, and in general the application of digital humanities methodologies in archaeological and historical research.

Suzie Thomas is DeepFIN project supervisor. She is interested in all aspects of cultural heritage, but particularly in participatory approaches as applied to archaeological heritage and in so-called difficult or ’dark’ heritage. She is the University PI for the SuALT project.

Taika-Tuuli Kaivo is studying for her MA in archaeology at the Department of Cultures and is a research assistant for DeepFIN in 2020-2021. She is creating a digital database of archaeological finds made by the public and recorded in the Muinaiskalupäiväkirja archive by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

European Public Finds Research Network is a transnational European network supporting citizen science with a focus on public archaeology, fostering collaboration and best practice between archaeologists and metal-detecting communities.