DH pizza lunch seminar

The Aalto HELDIG DH pizza seminar brings together people interested in the broad field of digital humanities and digital research methods in the Helsinki region.

The idea is to meet, talk, have pizza together and listen to a presentation on DH research-in-progress or project by a participant.


The meetings are held on Fridays at 12.00–13+ (Helsinki time) at Aalto University (Room 1593, Maarintie 8). It is possible to attend the seminar also via zoom (https://aalto.zoom.us/j/63127355002).


Please register yourself for the seminar (for the pizza catering) at https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/61CC13DA258B5315


The meetings in spring 2023:

14.4.2023 Hanna-Mari Kupari (University of Turku): Towards machine readable linguistic resources for Medieval Latin – from non-structured editions to automatic parsing. Presentation abstract, slides

12.5.2023 Annastiina Ahola (Aalto University): OperaSampo – Opera and Music Theatre Performances in Finland 1830–1960. Presentation abstract. Project webpage.


Warmly welcome!


Presentation proposals or joining the mailing list:

If you want propose a project or paper to be presented at the seminar or want to join the mailing list of the seminar, please contact dh-pizza@list.aalto.fi (or heikki.rantala@aalto.fi, jouni.tuominen@aalto.fi or matti.lamela@helsinki.fi).


Past meetings:

The DH pizza seminar has met since autumn 2017, when it was launched at Aalto University by Mats Fridlund and Matti La Mela for bringing together researchers interested in digital humanities and digital research. The seminar has received funding from Aalto Digi Platform.

Autumn 2022

30.9.2022 Mikko Koho (Aalto University), Matti La Mela (University of Helsinki, Uppsala University), Laura Sinikallio (University of Helsinki): ParliamentSampo – Parliament of Finland on the Semantic Web. Project webpage. Presentation abstract.

28.10.2022 Henna Paakki (Aalto University): From conversation analysis to computational interaction analysis:  Studying trolling behavior in online conversations by focusing on (a)symmetry in interaction. Presentation abstract.

11.11.2022 Risto Turunen (University of Helsinki):  DARIAH-FI: How to Build Better Research Infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences in Finland. Presentation abstract, slides.

9.12.2022 Annastiina Ahola (Aalto University), Telma Peura (Aalto University, University of Helsinki): BookSampo - Finnish Fiction Literature on the Semantic Web. Project webpage. Presentation abstract.

Spring 2022

28.1.2022 Ilona Pikkanen (Finnish Literature Society), Mikko Koho (Aalto University), and Petri Leskinen (University of Helsinki): Constellations of Correspondence (CoCo). Large and Small Networks of Epistolary Exchange in the Grand Duchy of Finland. Project webpage.

8.2.2022 Kaius Sinnemäki (University of Helsinki): New comparative methodology for researching language change in contact ecologies. See abstract. (together with HSSH Brown Bag Seminar).

11.3.2022 Mietta Lennes (University of Helsinki): Puhelahjat tutkimuskäyttöön! Tutkijoiden mahdollisuudet Lahjoita puhetta -kampanjassa kerätyn aineiston hyödyntämiseen (in Finnish). More information at Kielipankki, Yle, Svenska Yle.

5.4.2022 Tamas Grosz (Aalto University), Harri Kiiskinen (University of Turku), Mikko Kurimo (Aalto University), Jorma Laaksonen (Aalto University) & Hannu Salmi (University of Turku): "Movie Making Finland: Finnish fiction films as audiovisual big data, 1907–2017 (MoMaF)". See abstractProject webpage. (together with HSSH Brown Bag Seminar).

6.5.2022 Pyry Kantanen and Leo Lahti (University of Turku): rOpengov project: a community of R package developers on open government data analytics. Abstract. Project webpage.

Spring 2021

19.2.2021 Mikko Koho (University of Helsinki & Aalto University): Harmonizing and Publishing Heterogeneous Pre-Modern Manuscript Metadata as Linked Open Data

12.3.2021 Eetu Mäkelä (University of Helsinki): Design considerations for systems meant to support humanities and social sciences research

9.4.2021 Ylva Grufstedt (Aalto University): Making Partial Games: Praxiological and Epistemological Perspectives on Playable Concepts

21.5.2021 CUDAN open lab team (Tallinn): Research in cultural data analytics (presentation slides)

Autumn 2020

16.10.2020 Senka Drobac (University of Helsinki): OCR and post-correction of historical newspapers and journals

6.11.2020 Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas (Aalto University): What can we learn from Animals using Technologies?

20.11.2020 Andrey Indukaev (University of Helsinki): Automating theory-driven text annotation with supervised machine learning

4.12.2020 Eljas Oksanen (University of Helsinki): Exploring Finnish and English Historical and Archaeological Datasets through Spatial Analysis

18.12.2020 Petri Leskinen (Aalto University): LetterSampo – Letters on the Semantic Web

Spring 2020

24.1.2020 Jarmo Peltola (Tampere University), Sakari Saaritsa, Henri Mikkola (University of Helsinki): Typhoid for all: The determinants of unequal responses to a shared waterborne health shock during the Great Typhoid Epidemic of the city of Tampere, 1916

7.2.2020 Ilkka Jokipii (University of Helsinki) & Heikki Rantala (Aalto University): The Finnish Civil War as Linked Data

21.2.2020 Matias Frosterus (National Library of Finland): A common agent database and service for the whole memory organization sector

28.2.2020 Riikka Koulu (University of Helsinki): AI ethics in the courts: problematisations of control and access to justice

6.3.2020 Kari Jalonen (Aalto University): Using Structural Topic Modeling to Explore Ideologies in Political Speech

Autumn 2019

20.9.2019 Heta Aali, Mila Oiva (University of Turku): The Ancient Finnish Kings: a Computational Study of Pseudohistory, Medievalism and History Politics in Contemporary Finland and Russia

4.10.2019 Dorota Glowacka, Alan Medlar (University of Helsinki): Discovering new patterns in scientific literature and news data; (presentation slides)

18.10.2019 Elisa Mekler (Aalto SCI): Meaningful User Experience

1.11.2019 Mikko Kurimo (Aalto ELEC): Can automatic speech recognition enhance human communication?

22.11.2019 Mika Hämäläinen, Khalid Alnajjar (University of Helsinki): Modelling the Socialization of Creative Agents in a Master-Apprentice Setting

29.11.2019 Ville Rohiola (Finnish Heritage Agency), Pejam Hassanzadeh (Aalto SCI): FindSampo: A Citizen Science Platform for reporting and studying Archaeological Finds on the Semantic Web

13.12.2019 Neha Sayed (Aalto ARTS): Towards spatial analysis of belief narratives: ‘Saintlore of Tapal-Naka’

Spring 2019

30.1.2019 Eero Aalto, Zeerim Cheung, Robin Gustafsson (Aalto SCI): Asymmetric regulation, managerial discretion, and corporate political strategies

6.2.2019 Samir Bhowmik (Aalto ARTS): Grooves to Bits: The Energetic Materialities of Sound Archives

15.2.2019 Marko Turpeinen (Aalto SCI): Digital Ethics and MyData

1.3.2019 Osma Suominen (NLF): Annif and automated indexing (presentation slides)

13.3.2019 “Bring your tools, discuss your data”. Introduction by Kati Katajisto (UH) on using Zotero

(22.3.2019 Roundtable: the Digital in Social Science History - Anything New? (part of Baltic Connections conference, University of Helsinki)

29.3.2019 Arttu Oksanen (Edita), Sami Sarsa (Aalto SCI): Semantic Finlex: anonymization, annotation, and similarity search in legal documents

12.4.2019 Aaro Sahari (National Museum of Finland): The second battle of Ruotsinsalmi 1790 – re-imagining, representing, and sharing historical conflicts in digital history

26.4.2019 Tuukka Hastrup, Mikko Rinne, Susanna Ånäs: Wikidocumentaries - wiki for small history

3.5.2019 Workshop: "Digital Parliamentary Data and Research": Kimmo Makkonen (UTU): Topic modelling the parliamentary speeches in Eduskunta 1999-2014: does male and female MPs have different topics?

Autumn 2018

3.10.2018 Petri Kuosmanen (Aalto ENG), Digital twin

10.10.2018 Minna Tamper (Aalto SCI), Using Biographical Texts as Linked Data for Prosopographical Research and Applications

24.10.2018 Mark Granroth-Wilding (University of Helsinki): NewsEye project and AI research assistant

1.11.2018 Maria Kallio (National Archives), Transkribus and handwritten text recognition

21.11.2018 Ville Kivimäki (Aalto ENG), Dynamic Feedback System, Supporting understanding of students’ learning via visual self-assessment

28.11.2018 Petri Paju (Aalto ENG), Mila Oiva (University of Turku), Digital History in Finland: from collaboration to publishing

5.12.2018 Kimmo Kettunen (University of Helsinki), FiST - Using Semantic Tagging for Analysis of Written Finnish Digital Documents

19.12.2018 Antti Härkönen (University of Eastern Finland), Historical GIS of Vyborg

Spring 2018

10.1.2018 Tove Ørsted (Aalto ENG), GLAM & Open Culture

17.1.2018 Kirsi Virrantaus (Aalto ENG), Geoinformatics

24.1.2018 Eero Aalto (Aalto SCI), The Consortium ’Digital History of Telco and Exchanges in Finland and Sweden'

31.1.2018 Minna Tamper (Aalto SCI), Usage and applications of named entity linking (NEL)

7.2.2018 Urszula Pawlicka (Aalto ARTS), Mapping the Humanities and Media Labs

14.2.2018 Kimmo Kettunen (NLF), Digitized historical newspapers and named entities

28.2.2018 Jessica Parland-von Essen (CSC), Get the most out of your data! Data publication, tracking and citation

14.3.2018 Matti La Mela (Aalto ENG), Digitized historical newspapers and text mining

21.3.2018 Mikko Tolonen (University of Helsinki), COMHIS Helsinki Computational History Group

28.3.2018 Mikko Kivelä (Aalto SCI), Network science and social network research

11.4.2018 Anu Lahtinen & Maiju Wuokko (University of Helsinki), Ad fontes – a digital leap in teaching history

18.4.2018 Goki Miyakita (Aalto SCI), Design research in DH—a case study from Japan: redesigning pre-modern Japanese books in the digital age

25.4.2018 Maarit Olkkola (Aalto ECON), Digitizing and using historical (quantitative) administrative data. The Case of Public Health Policies

2.5.2018 Petri Paju (Aalto ENG), The evolution of IT use by a field of research. Case: (digital) history

9.5.2018 Susanna Ånäs (OKFI), Wikidocumentaries – Recycling, creatively reusing and collaborative enriching historical documents from public and private archives through an open platform

16.5.2018 Ari Apilo (Parliament of Finland), Digitization of parliamentary documents

29.5.2018 Aalto DH seminar goes Hackathon!

Autumn 2017

15.11.2017 Mats Fridlund (Aalto ENG), Introduction

22.11.2017 Mila Oiva (Aalto ENG), DH Centres and their practices

29.11.2017 Lily Díaz (Aalto ARTS), Systems of representations research group, digital cultural heritage

13.12.2017 Jouni Tuominen (Aalto SCI), Semantic Computing research group, Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities