DARIAH-FI: How to Build Better Research Infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences in Finland

Risto Turunen (University of Helsinki)

This presentation is both a practical and theoretical introduction to DARIAH-FI, the new research infrastructure for social sciences and humanities (SSH). DARIAH-FI is funded by the Academy of Finland for 2022–2023. Concrete examples will be shown to demonstrate how our existing research infrastructures cannot fully satisfy the diverse needs of Finnish SSH communities. The problems include, e.g., (1) a lack of good practices for sharing and storing heterogenous data, (2) a lack of tools that are designed for complex datasets, and (3) a lack of workflows that can be easily scaled ”upwards”, from the personal laptops to the supercomputing environment. In addition to building useful tools and datasets for SSH research, DARIAH-FI is now constructing data pipelines from major memory organizations to the national IT centre for science (CSC). The leading idea for the near future is to remove obstacles slowing down breakthroughs in data-intensive SSH research: DARIAH-FI solves those problems that cannot be solved by any individual researcher or research group. After the presentation there is a chance to give direct feedback on how to improve the research infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences in Finland. 

Aalto HELDIG DH pizza seminar on Friday 11 November 2022 at 12.00.